New Social Media Laws Debated by Italian Officials

The Italian Government has proposed new legislation that would force citizens to showcase an identification card whenever opening a social media account. There has been a significant backlash, with Italian Citizens claiming that this is the farthest thing from free speech. However, government officials claim that this will assist with issues like fake news and hate crimes. ID Verification has been proposed by a Centrist MP, who are known for their far-right conservative views. This MP noted that finding the individuals that committed these acts would become more comfortable and that there would be accountability for illegal actions.

This Italian MP is Luigi Marattin, who worked with the former prime minister on numerous issues. He iterated that many subject matters, including political debates, are being manipulated through social media accounts. These laws would allow himself and other government officials to prevent social media from becoming a sewer of fake news. Speaking with reporters, he noted that the time to act hasn’t ever been more apparent. Luigi mentioned that every citizen has the right to anonymity until they have committed an illegal act against the interest of the public. However, many are claiming that this isn’t real democracy and that Luigi Marattin is working to remove freedom of speech via the internet.

The Backlash

Responding to the legislation proposed by Luigi Marattin, Italian Citizens everywhere have begun to crawl through his social media accounts. He was found of committing the very acts he claims are illegal, such as posting vulgar language on Twitter and sharing screenshots that slandered the name of opposing political parties. There are even instances where he is found calling his fellow politician’s miserable dickheads.

Critics against his proposal also noted that hiding IP Addresses and Online Activity isn’t challenging for any individual in Italy. It wouldn’t take long for citizens in the country to implement these tactics to avoid any potential backlash, which causes this proposed legislation to be invalid immediately. It should be noted that the ID Card System is used throughout the European Union, but it isn’t a requirement to display this identification whenever social media accounts are registered. This is a blatant attempt to go against privacy laws.

Luckily there are Independent MP’s like Ian Austin who has begun informing the people that the Italian Government plans to force their citizens to lose anonymity on the internet. Without his efforts, the backlash against Italian Government Officials wouldn’t have even begun.