Next-Generation Games Will Cost More

Gamers in America, Europe, Britain, and Canada are expressing their concerns to publishers worldwide. This follows after it was announced that upcoming games for the PS5 and XSX would cost an additional £5.00 over the standard prices of titles today. 2K Publishers confirmed prolonged speculation of the increase in cost their 2021 Installment of NBA 2K. Neither Sony nor Microsoft has been available to confirm that all games for Triple-A Titles will cost £5.00 more last generation.

Analysts in this space indicated that it’s commonplace for new hardware to have increased costs, with development processes requiring higher budgets. This analyst then reminded consumers that COVID-19 had enforced significant setbacks onto all studios that developer video games, meaning an increase in cost could assist with those losses. Complex factors arising from the fallout of COVID-19 will enforce fluctuations on the scale of pricing. This analyst then finished his sentiments by clarifying that Microsoft & Sony don’t make more than £50.00 of the sale of their hardware systems. 95% of their yearly profits are earned from the sales margins with video games, and downloadable content. When accounting for these attributes, it’s easy to comprehend why an adjustment of the price is coming.

Microsoft’s Smart Delivery System

2K Publishers is infamous for pre-emptily recommending the margin of costs for new titles, with either their games of Electronic Arts being the 1st to release on modern consoles. The fifth generation of consoles could alter this standard business practice, with Microsoft announcing their “Smart Delivery System”. Consumers subscribing to this service would purchase a single game & have access to it across any Xbox Series X worldwide. It’d even extend towards personal computers. Analysts suspect that Microsoft’s model will become more popular than 2K Publishers, especially after the economic recessions that’ll follow for years after the COVID-19 pandemic has concluded.


Those wanting to purchase NBA 2K21 must wait until the PlayStation 5 & Xbox Series X is released this Holiday Season. It’ll cost consumers more than $600.00 to experience this realistic version of professional basketball. That’s because upcoming consoles will cost $500.00, with the additional price tag of $70.00 for NBA2K21. When accounting for the associated taxes based on state borders, it’ll be hard to locate costs lower than $600.00 for this combined package.