Oakley Uses Bob Marley Song in Marketing Campaign

One Love from Bob Marley has been remade for corporate product marketing, with Oakley releasing a music video that centres around a dozen well-known athletes. Celeste initially sang this remake at the 2020 British Rising Star Awards, meant to be a single live performance in honour of Bob Marley & how he’d want to save our modern world. That’s all changed with the confirmation that Oakley, a “High-Performance Sunglasses Brand” has used the remade version of One Love in their latest product marketing campaign.

The music video is officially designated to celebrate the individual relationships of adversity. However, Oakley’s products are littered around this music video. This extends to their brand logo & indicates towards a marketing campaign concealed behind the social movements regarding race & equality.

Oakley hasn’t experienced any fallout to their music video, masking their well-thought & organized marketing campaign in an unoffensive manner. Ben Gross stands as Oakley’s “Global Director of Marketing”, and he issued a formal statement regarding their music video. He’s clarified that in our fragile world, sports can have the power to create emotion & that their goal with this video is to impact communities with positive Love of professional sports.

Pre-Planned Before the Pandemic

Ben Gross making these statements show the true meaning behind Oakley’s new marketing. Oakley hadn’t hidden the fact that this music video was commissioned before COVID-19 became an international pandemic. It was meant to release in correlation with the NBA Championships & 2020 Tokyo Summer Olympics. Filming took place before the pandemic as well, forcing Oakley to release the video or take a financial loss. Peter Ammentorp Lund from Parent-Company AKQA evoked that their message is brighter than ever.

The message behind this video is positive & evokes positive memories from times when North Americans engaged with professional sports. Oakley commissioning & filming this music video in late 2019 was ominous, with shooting ending a day before COVID-19 was declared an international pandemic. The family of Bob Marley have praised Oakley for their positive message behind sports, remarking that their father loved football & knew it brought joy into the lives of billions worldwide.