Vodafone Launches 5G in New Zealand

5G Telecommunications is quickly growing worldwide, increasing the capabilities of mobile technologies. The latest nation to receive its first iteration of 5G is New Zealand. Their most significant telecommunications provider, Vodafone, confirmed that they’ve begun providing 5G services in all major cities across the nation. This includes Wellington, Auckland, Queenstown, and Christchurch. Existing customers under the LTE Contract will receive the service at no additional cost.

The Chief Executive Officer for Vodafone New Zealand spoke to reporters on the new telecommunication service. He mentioned how this marks the beginning of a new era for mobile technology in New Zealand. Four out of five customers have had improved connectivity across Auckland and our major cities. Vodafone’s next goal it to roll this service out nationwide, allowing for connectivity in the country and small villages.

Vodafone is currently maintaining one hundred connectivity sites in Wellington, Queenstown, Auckland and Christchurch. However, those locations are planned to jump by 1400. However, the telecommunications subsidiary mentioned how this will take upwards of two years for nationwide coverage. Vodafone Consumers in New Zealand can upgrade their contracts to the 5G Plan without any cost until June 30th, 2020. Afterwards, it will cost $6.53 per month to maintain an agreement with Vodafone New Zealand.

How it Works

The Technology Director at Vodafone New Zealand, Tony Baird, was asked to explain how this technology is being rolled out nationwide. He noted how the telecommunications provider is operating 5G services through the 3.5Ghz Spectrum. Subsequently, this will bring speeds 10x faster than that of LTE. Tony than confirmed that one gigabyte of 5G data would require 100Mhz through the 3.5Ghz Spectrum. This is requiring extensive reworking of the telecommunication grid; which Vodafone and the Government have completed in a short period.

The Concerns

Some citizens in New Zealand are concerned with the prospect of nationwide 5G technology. It’s been reported numerous times that this technology on a massive scale could increase health problems on an extreme level. Exposure to the 3.5Ghz wavelength could cause increased cancer to New Zealand Citizens. However, this wavelength has been used throughout history for more than a hundred years. It’s the same wavelength used with Drones, Radios, Original Television Sets, and multiple other products. These concerns are unfounded and shouldn’t be taken seriously.

AI-Monitoring Cameras Supported by Australia

The rapid development of technology is enabling for government and law enforcement authorities to better accurately account for drivers who are using their cellphones while at the wheel. Artificial Intelligence is allowing for camera modules on street lights and posts to zoom through the windows of drivers digitally. The first country that is using this technology is Australia in New South Wales. The NSF Transport Department released this information, noting that the cameras work during any hour at any condition of weather. It’s anticipated that in the next three years, more than 135 million checks will be completed in the New South Wales jurisdiction.

The Australian Government in New South Wales and Law Enforcement are allowing for an adjustment period for local drivers. Those caught using their cellular devices in the first three months of 2020 will receive a warning letter. Afterwards, drivers found using their mobile phones will receive a five-point deduction on their license and a $344.00 Fine. Considering that Australian Licenses have a 13-Point maximum, getting caught three times would result in licensed being terminated. The New South Wales Government also confirmed that at times of terrible weather conditions, that penalty would be increased to ten points.

Previous Tests

It should be noted that this technology has been available for numerous years. Last year it was tested across Australia at various locations in New South Wales and Sydney. It was noted that artificial intelligence didn’t fail, having a 100% success rate. It spotted more than 110,000 drivers illegally using their phones while operating their vehicles. The Executive Director behind the New South Wales Transport Center for Road Safety noted that throughout this testing period, it’s estimated that 100 lives were saved. This number could increase if implemented nationwide.

There hasn’t been any word of other countries implementing this technology. It appears that Australia is acting as the testing grounds for all other first-world nations. However, it’s anticipated that by 2030, this technology will be used globally. Some say it’s pointless with the advancement of electric vehicles and self-driving cars. Regardless, there has been strong community support for the implementation of this technology across New South Wales. The transport authority released that 80% of those surveyed for this concept agreed to it immediately. We will keep our readers updated on any new statistics or data released regarding this new artificial intelligence technology.

New Social Media Laws Debated by Italian Officials

The Italian Government has proposed new legislation that would force citizens to showcase an identification card whenever opening a social media account. There has been a significant backlash, with Italian Citizens claiming that this is the farthest thing from free speech. However, government officials claim that this will assist with issues like fake news and hate crimes. ID Verification has been proposed by a Centrist MP, who are known for their far-right conservative views. This MP noted that finding the individuals that committed these acts would become more comfortable and that there would be accountability for illegal actions.

This Italian MP is Luigi Marattin, who worked with the former prime minister on numerous issues. He iterated that many subject matters, including political debates, are being manipulated through social media accounts. These laws would allow himself and other government officials to prevent social media from becoming a sewer of fake news. Speaking with reporters, he noted that the time to act hasn’t ever been more apparent. Luigi mentioned that every citizen has the right to anonymity until they have committed an illegal act against the interest of the public. However, many are claiming that this isn’t real democracy and that Luigi Marattin is working to remove freedom of speech via the internet.

The Backlash

Responding to the legislation proposed by Luigi Marattin, Italian Citizens everywhere have begun to crawl through his social media accounts. He was found of committing the very acts he claims are illegal, such as posting vulgar language on Twitter and sharing screenshots that slandered the name of opposing political parties. There are even instances where he is found calling his fellow politician’s miserable dickheads.

Critics against his proposal also noted that hiding IP Addresses and Online Activity isn’t challenging for any individual in Italy. It wouldn’t take long for citizens in the country to implement these tactics to avoid any potential backlash, which causes this proposed legislation to be invalid immediately. It should be noted that the ID Card System is used throughout the European Union, but it isn’t a requirement to display this identification whenever social media accounts are registered. This is a blatant attempt to go against privacy laws.

Luckily there are Independent MP’s like Ian Austin who has begun informing the people that the Italian Government plans to force their citizens to lose anonymity on the internet. Without his efforts, the backlash against Italian Government Officials wouldn’t have even begun.

Twitter Bans Political Advertisements

Jack Dorsey, the Chief Executive Officer for Twitter, announced last month that his social media company would be banning all political advertising through the service. When this announcement was made, he noted that politicians should have to earn their vote and not pay for them through advertisements. This came after Mark Zuckerberg defended Facebook for not fact-checking political ads, which can lead to severe problems in a democracy. Jack Dorsey doesn’t believe Mark Zuckerberg is correct when he says political advertisements are a form of free expression. Since Twitter banned political advertisements, Politicians like Elizabeth Warren have questioned if the platform made the right decision.

The week of November 18th marked the implementation of these new guidelines, which have been revamped since the original comments made by Jack Dorsey. It still limits how political campaign advertisements can be maintained. The new directive mentions that content revolving around a political party, candidate or government is prohibited. This extends to any advertisements revolving around an election, ballot measure, referendum, legislation, directive, regulation or judicial outcome. Twitter’s new political ad guidelines also note that any advertisements found with this level of content or solicit votes through financial support are prohibited. All advertisements not following instructions will be immediately terminated from Twitter.

Non-Affiliated Political Groups

None of the guidelines mentioned with political advertisements revolved around groups that aren’t affiliated with political parties. Subsequently, Twitter has implemented a new category for advertisement guidelines called “Cause-Based”. Under this new category, individuals wanting to advertise with Twitter cannot educate or raise awareness revolving around economic growth and civic engagement. This extends to social equity cases and environmental stewardship. In a subclause, the guideline states that Cause-Based advertisements can drive the outcomes of judicial or legislative policies.

Twitter is also limiting the targeting capacity for political advertisements. Targeting now has limited restriction on geographic location, keyword interests and demographic audiences. Geographic targeting is available for state, region or province-level only depending on your Postal or Zip Code. All keywords revolving around political terms are limited going forward. Such as Liberal or Conservative.

The only exception to these political advertisements is news media publishers that have met the exemption criteria on Twitter. These sources can run ads referencing political issues, content or campaigns. However, these advertisements must be unbiased and can’t promote topics in favour of one political party. Subsequently, opinion pieces for news sources are officially banned from Twitter.

Facebook Working on Face Recognition

The never-ending assault of Facebook and their desire to learn more about everyone’s daily lives has been brought up in headlines again. The social media giant has had research released that implicates their using Machine Learning Models through mobile phones. For most, this technology isn’t imposing. However, it tracks and anonymizes faces while collecting hand movement data of consumers. Anyone with a Facebook account now assists Facebook with augmented reality research.

Their actions aren’t illegal and shouldn’t be considered harmful by consumers. Facebook, who presented their new research at the ICCV Conference were prompted to announce its significant investment into Artificial Intelligence after leaks were released several days earlier. Facebook has noted that they plan to use this technology for humanitarian purposes, which many don’t believe after recent issues with Facebook’s Project Libra.

Facebook Becoming More Suspicious

The machine learning models implemented by Facebook cultivate new understandings for facial features, expressions and movements. The social media giant can use this technology for one of two ways, to assist with humanitarian efforts locating individuals who commit wrongful acts against humanity. Facebook could also use this technology to make anyone in the world have different faces. Many analysts suspect that the later is the real purpose for Facebook’s AI Technology and that the tech will benefit criminals with committing even more dangerous offences.

An individual could decide to rob a bank, but on video would appear to be an entirely different person. Law-abiding citizens could change their identity without needing to wear a mask or fabricate an extensive plan. It should be noted that money laundering and criminal activity has skyrocketed in recent years, with Facebook’s data mining and illegal actions being the leading cause of growth. Mark Zuckerberg and Executives with Facebook have denied these claims extensively with law enforcement in America.

Regardless, the system they’ve designed works efficiently and doesn’t require significant optimization. Facebook could deploy the technology as a product today without any concerns. However, government authorities and political oppression has forced Facebook to rethink their strategy. It’s also suspicious that Facebook would want to release this technology in the same period as the Libra Coin. The following result would be a virtual space where those permitting wouldn’t be recognizable. Facebook plans to increase the artificial tracking development cycle, bring new features like cataloguing and reproducing.

Plan Options with Shopify

Previously we have discovered why selling your products and services online is vital in the modern world we live and as well as how Shopify can help you to make this happen. Today we are delving deeper into the nitty-gritty aspects of the practical side as well as what would be the different options available to you.

It has been previously mentioned that Shopify Lite starts around $9 per month. Although this plan doesn’t allow you to create a fully functional store, it answers the needs of many users. What it does allow for is that it enables you to sell your products via your business’s Facebook page. It also allows you to manage your inventory and sell goods at your physical location, and it gives you access to a Buy Button on your current webpage or blog.

The Basic Shopify plan is priced at $29 per month, the Shopify plan is $79 monthly, and the Advanced Shopify plan is priced at $299 every month. These will all enable you to set up a fully functional online store. The significant differences between these plans, as well as the determining factor in your choice on policy, are based on the different capabilities which each program offers. For example, the $79 plan is the only one that delivers on professional reporting.

Further variances are nestled in the advanced reporting tools. This is only available on the Advanced and Shopify Plus plans. Gift cards are only on the $79 plan, while real-time carrier shipping is only found in the most expensive policy. Another determining factor would be the number of staff that you need to have access to your account. With the Basic plan, you can only allow two staff accounts, five accounts on the Shopify plan and 15 on the Advanced Plan.

Shopify Plus & Templates

This plan is the version utilized by large scale enterprises, and it includes all the much-needed main features which big corporations would require. This includes API support, advanced security features, guaranteed server uptime, etc. Even though this can be a relatively expensive plan, it is not usually the one required by small and medium enterprises. It is also worth mentioning that Shopify’s pricing structure is highly competitive with other suppliers in the market, although besides, users are guaranteed to work with a trustworthy and respected name in the industry.

Shopify delivers on ten different free e-commerce templates or themes which can be used each with different variants which can thus result in many slightly different designs. Since they are responsive, they are adaptable to many various platforms. Except for the free templates, the user can also find many priced themes in the theme store. These would enable the user to create a unique online store fitted for their product. Hence when you found the right plan to suit your needs, the rest is as easy as can be with your trusted partner in the industry.

Shopify – An E-commerce Solution

Selling your product online is the next step great towards success but creating your online store often seems daunting. If this is your current situation within your business, then Shopify deserves a moment of your attention. Shopify is an application that made setting up your online store and treading into the valley of e-commerce as easy as it gets.

What is Shopify?

Shopify is an application that is designed to help you to create your online store to sell your products in the e-commerce market. Through many available templates, the entire process is made easy, and yet it leaves enough freedom to customize it to your specific needs. The models allow for the addition of your branding and offer the versatility of selling both digitals as well as physical goods. The brilliance behind the design of Shopify is that you don’t need to be a guru in technical design. Yet, if you have some familiarity with CSS or HTML, you will be able to edit in both, and this gives you much greater control over the templates of your final product.

Thinking Out of the Box

This is the core of Shopify’s existence, and no boxes will hold you back on your journey into the world of e-commerce. There is no reason for concerns about purchasing web hosting or even installing software since Shopify is delivered as a hosted solution. Your entire online store can thus be built and run complimenting the out of the box thinking which your business is known for. SAAS tools or software as service tools are never purchased but rather is access paid for every month. Thus as long as that you have a gateway through a web browser and the internet, you will be able to manage your store remotely. Shopify brings many plans to their clients depending on their needs, and thus you can decide on what you need in order before spending large sums monthly. Shopify can become your platform of choice for as little as $9 per month for Shopify Lite and then move up to the much larger Shopify Plus where the fees can be negotiated but vary in the vicinity of $2000 per month.

Why Would You Want To Use Shopify?

When it comes to e-commerce platforms, Shopify is one of the more established available. They claim to have more than 1 000 000 users active on their system, which serves more than 800 000 online stores worldwide. These stores generated more than $100 billion in sales, and this is a figure which you also want to be included in. These figures indicate that they offer both longevity and security. In the past, it has happened that these stores close down after a while, and then users need to re-establish their online presence from scratch. This impacts your clients, bottom line and reputation. Thus their strong presence in the market indicates that they are a prospect that will be able to survive financial difficulties with greater ease.

What Exactly is 5G?

Most people have heard the terms somewhere in the background almost drowned in the white noise of the daily information overload which we all suffer from. Yet few can clearly state what exactly 5G is in any greater depth than saying that it has something to do with cell phone technology.

The 5G landscape

The first fact which needs to be stated concerning 5G is the fact that how it appears currently is not to be confused with how the 5G scene will look in two to three years from now. 5G or new radio technology is set out to be disruptive. Yet, it is also going to enable a load of applications across a wide variety of industries and will most likely also inspire more new apps along the way.

Different Kinds of 5G

Various carriers will be deploying many different types of 5G technology, but the term can be summarized as the ability to have much more and much higher capacity. 5G can be categorized into four groups, Low-band, Mid-band of Sub-6, mmWave and the Unlicensed spectrum. These all operate on different frequencies. Most carriers will provide a variety of three licensed kinds. To sum it all up, 5G can deliver much higher capacity at much lower throughput and latency.

Advantages of 5G for Your Business

5G is synonymous with much faster speeds. Still stuck sometimes waiting for a download to be completed on 3G or 4G? This is not what is to be expected from 5G. Because 5G is bringing a larger bandwidth, more and more people can be included without cutting down on the speed at which it is operating. Users are expected not to have to wait any longer for videos to buffer, and even your smart devices will be able to produce much quicker while on the go. All the increased speed and great possibilities will most likely inspire technological advancement, not even considered yet. Creators will have access to rates that were unbeknown before, and it is bound to open new doors of development.

Disadvantages of 5G for Your Business and Beyond

The much-improved technology won’t be as widely available as what 3G and 4G currently are. Hence the increased bandwidth will have less coverage. 3G cell towers are known to be able to cover a larger area. When 4G entered the scene, their cells were producing much higher bandwidth, and they required fewer cells, which, as a result, impacted the coverage of the area negatively. 5G will cover even less. Another challenge that 5G brought on is the frequency at which it operates. Other devices like satellites already use this frequency. Currently, the concern does exist that this frequency might become over-crowded.

5G is still under development, but it might be in your advantage to acquaint yourself with the term, the pros and the cons. Deciding upon switching your mobile devices and office space over to 5G might very beneficial, but also brings along a number of its challenges.

Schedule Posts on Instagram with Later

Unlike Facebook, Instagram doesn’t inherently offer the feature to schedule posts for publishing later on. Yet countless businesses do use Instagram as a platform for social media marketing, and thus, it can be a challenge to get your Instagram campaign to feature at the times which you want it to be posted. Later offers the solution to this challenge with easy and straightforward installation and application.

Details about Later

Later has been around since 2014 and their head office is based in Canada. It is a cloud-based platform that is useful in assisting with managing, scheduling and planning the visual elements of your social media campaign in the form of Instagram posts. It has been created with a focus on businesses of any size. Not only does it allow users to schedule posts, but jobs can also be reposted from Later, effortlessly.

How It Works

Later works are slightly different than other applications often used like Hootsuite or the schedule function available on Facebook, for example. Later allows you to prepare your post and make sure that it is ready for publishing. Then once the set time arrives for your post to be posted, you will receive a ping from the app to remind you that your post needs to be published. You can then publish the post with the push of one button.

Advantages of Using Later

Later offers a free version which will allow you to make 30 posts per month. If this is, however not enough to convey the entire substance of your marketing campaign, then you can upgrade and will be charged about $9 per month, which is still very reasonable. They also offer the incentive that if you refer someone to the app, then both of you will receive an added ten posts per month completely free of charge.

Easy To Use Interface

Once you have downloaded the application onto your device and made a link with your Instagram account, which is all easy to do, then you can start uploading images. Select from your images which ones need to be posted, add your captions and schedule at what time would you like your posts to be published. The interface can hardly be any more straightforward, and the entire process is super easy. Once the clock has reached the scheduled time slot, you will receive a text message reminding you that the post must be published. Open up the letter and your post will appear, ready to send it in to the full world. Press release, and it goes straight away into your feed on Instagram.

Also Applicable to Other Social Media Platforms

Later is predominantly linked with Instagram since it has been developed to overcome the challenge of scheduling posts on Instagram, but it has a broader array of uses except for Instagram and can also be used to schedule posts on Facebook and Pinterest. Scheduling on Instagram is a challenge. Later in the solution.

How to Create an Audience through Hashtags

Hashtags are the backbone of a great social media marketing campaign. Why? You might ask. Quite simply for it is an effective way to make sure that your details, products, campaign or message is being found in the whirlpool of available information on the internet. There is a generation of social media users who need no introduction to hashtags, but this isn’t usually your small or medium enterprise owner. For many, some segments of social media managed to excel without us even taking notice and now we need to get acquainted.

How Do Hashtags Work?

Surely at least the person least informed is aware of the fact that whenever the symbol # is preceding a word in a social media post, that is referred to as a hashtag. Hashtags are the chains that connect you to a much larger audience through related topics. Thus it is vital to increase the level of engagement which your post generated. When someone is searching a keyword or key phrase which you too used in the form of a hashtag, then your job would be among those retrieved from the information-heavy network, and the odds are much higher than someone will see it. So since it is so vital to success, let’s explore some ways to apply it effectively.

Simplicity and Relevance Is Vital

Your choice of hashtags should be something that many people are searching for and yet remains related to your topic. Long and complex hashtags will draw less attention and therefore make sure that whatever you choose to tag is simple and relevant to your topic.

The universe of social media is powered by whatever is trending right now. That said, trending hashtags are priceless to add. Many websites will rate different hashtags according to trendiness, and that will allow you to pick some which apply to your post. Always be sure that your content is making a valuable contribution to the trending topic and the global conversation it generated.

Hashtags Aren’t Limited

For sure, some social media platforms were others far ahead when it came to the use of hashtags, but by now all are on par, and you can use hashtags in your Facebook posts and LinkedIn account too. Sometimes different things are implied by the use of a word, then what the general understanding of it is. Therefore when you are planning on using a specific trending word, be sure that your content is contributing to the central topic which it is related to, while trending. It is thus vital to search words before using them.

Various platforms allow for various numbers of allowed hashtags. Some up to 30 and more. This doesn’t mean that you have to use all 30. Find a great balance between what is needed to be seen and yet not overpowering the content of your post.