Plan Options with Shopify

Previously we have discovered why selling your products and services online is vital in the modern world we live and as well as how Shopify can help you to make this happen. Today we are delving deeper into the nitty-gritty aspects of the practical side as well as what would be the different options available to you.

It has been previously mentioned that Shopify Lite starts around $9 per month. Although this plan doesn’t allow you to create a fully functional store, it answers the needs of many users. What it does allow for is that it enables you to sell your products via your business’s Facebook page. It also allows you to manage your inventory and sell goods at your physical location, and it gives you access to a Buy Button on your current webpage or blog.

The Basic Shopify plan is priced at $29 per month, the Shopify plan is $79 monthly, and the Advanced Shopify plan is priced at $299 every month. These will all enable you to set up a fully functional online store. The significant differences between these plans, as well as the determining factor in your choice on policy, are based on the different capabilities which each program offers. For example, the $79 plan is the only one that delivers on professional reporting.

Further variances are nestled in the advanced reporting tools. This is only available on the Advanced and Shopify Plus plans. Gift cards are only on the $79 plan, while real-time carrier shipping is only found in the most expensive policy. Another determining factor would be the number of staff that you need to have access to your account. With the Basic plan, you can only allow two staff accounts, five accounts on the Shopify plan and 15 on the Advanced Plan.

Shopify Plus & Templates

This plan is the version utilized by large scale enterprises, and it includes all the much-needed main features which big corporations would require. This includes API support, advanced security features, guaranteed server uptime, etc. Even though this can be a relatively expensive plan, it is not usually the one required by small and medium enterprises. It is also worth mentioning that Shopify’s pricing structure is highly competitive with other suppliers in the market, although besides, users are guaranteed to work with a trustworthy and respected name in the industry.

Shopify delivers on ten different free e-commerce templates or themes which can be used each with different variants which can thus result in many slightly different designs. Since they are responsive, they are adaptable to many various platforms. Except for the free templates, the user can also find many priced themes in the theme store. These would enable the user to create a unique online store fitted for their product. Hence when you found the right plan to suit your needs, the rest is as easy as can be with your trusted partner in the industry.

Shopify – An E-commerce Solution

Selling your product online is the next step great towards success but creating your online store often seems daunting. If this is your current situation within your business, then Shopify deserves a moment of your attention. Shopify is an application that made setting up your online store and treading into the valley of e-commerce as easy as it gets.

What is Shopify?

Shopify is an application that is designed to help you to create your online store to sell your products in the e-commerce market. Through many available templates, the entire process is made easy, and yet it leaves enough freedom to customize it to your specific needs. The models allow for the addition of your branding and offer the versatility of selling both digitals as well as physical goods. The brilliance behind the design of Shopify is that you don’t need to be a guru in technical design. Yet, if you have some familiarity with CSS or HTML, you will be able to edit in both, and this gives you much greater control over the templates of your final product.

Thinking Out of the Box

This is the core of Shopify’s existence, and no boxes will hold you back on your journey into the world of e-commerce. There is no reason for concerns about purchasing web hosting or even installing software since Shopify is delivered as a hosted solution. Your entire online store can thus be built and run complimenting the out of the box thinking which your business is known for. SAAS tools or software as service tools are never purchased but rather is access paid for every month. Thus as long as that you have a gateway through a web browser and the internet, you will be able to manage your store remotely. Shopify brings many plans to their clients depending on their needs, and thus you can decide on what you need in order before spending large sums monthly. Shopify can become your platform of choice for as little as $9 per month for Shopify Lite and then move up to the much larger Shopify Plus where the fees can be negotiated but vary in the vicinity of $2000 per month.

Why Would You Want To Use Shopify?

When it comes to e-commerce platforms, Shopify is one of the more established available. They claim to have more than 1 000 000 users active on their system, which serves more than 800 000 online stores worldwide. These stores generated more than $100 billion in sales, and this is a figure which you also want to be included in. These figures indicate that they offer both longevity and security. In the past, it has happened that these stores close down after a while, and then users need to re-establish their online presence from scratch. This impacts your clients, bottom line and reputation. Thus their strong presence in the market indicates that they are a prospect that will be able to survive financial difficulties with greater ease.

What Exactly is 5G?

Most people have heard the terms somewhere in the background almost drowned in the white noise of the daily information overload which we all suffer from. Yet few can clearly state what exactly 5G is in any greater depth than saying that it has something to do with cell phone technology.

The 5G landscape

The first fact which needs to be stated concerning 5G is the fact that how it appears currently is not to be confused with how the 5G scene will look in two to three years from now. 5G or new radio technology is set out to be disruptive. Yet, it is also going to enable a load of applications across a wide variety of industries and will most likely also inspire more new apps along the way.

Different Kinds of 5G

Various carriers will be deploying many different types of 5G technology, but the term can be summarized as the ability to have much more and much higher capacity. 5G can be categorized into four groups, Low-band, Mid-band of Sub-6, mmWave and the Unlicensed spectrum. These all operate on different frequencies. Most carriers will provide a variety of three licensed kinds. To sum it all up, 5G can deliver much higher capacity at much lower throughput and latency.

Advantages of 5G for Your Business

5G is synonymous with much faster speeds. Still stuck sometimes waiting for a download to be completed on 3G or 4G? This is not what is to be expected from 5G. Because 5G is bringing a larger bandwidth, more and more people can be included without cutting down on the speed at which it is operating. Users are expected not to have to wait any longer for videos to buffer, and even your smart devices will be able to produce much quicker while on the go. All the increased speed and great possibilities will most likely inspire technological advancement, not even considered yet. Creators will have access to rates that were unbeknown before, and it is bound to open new doors of development.

Disadvantages of 5G for Your Business and Beyond

The much-improved technology won’t be as widely available as what 3G and 4G currently are. Hence the increased bandwidth will have less coverage. 3G cell towers are known to be able to cover a larger area. When 4G entered the scene, their cells were producing much higher bandwidth, and they required fewer cells, which, as a result, impacted the coverage of the area negatively. 5G will cover even less. Another challenge that 5G brought on is the frequency at which it operates. Other devices like satellites already use this frequency. Currently, the concern does exist that this frequency might become over-crowded.

5G is still under development, but it might be in your advantage to acquaint yourself with the term, the pros and the cons. Deciding upon switching your mobile devices and office space over to 5G might very beneficial, but also brings along a number of its challenges.

Schedule Posts on Instagram with Later

Unlike Facebook, Instagram doesn’t inherently offer the feature to schedule posts for publishing later on. Yet countless businesses do use Instagram as a platform for social media marketing, and thus, it can be a challenge to get your Instagram campaign to feature at the times which you want it to be posted. Later offers the solution to this challenge with easy and straightforward installation and application.

Details about Later

Later has been around since 2014 and their head office is based in Canada. It is a cloud-based platform that is useful in assisting with managing, scheduling and planning the visual elements of your social media campaign in the form of Instagram posts. It has been created with a focus on businesses of any size. Not only does it allow users to schedule posts, but jobs can also be reposted from Later, effortlessly.

How It Works

Later works are slightly different than other applications often used like Hootsuite or the schedule function available on Facebook, for example. Later allows you to prepare your post and make sure that it is ready for publishing. Then once the set time arrives for your post to be posted, you will receive a ping from the app to remind you that your post needs to be published. You can then publish the post with the push of one button.

Advantages of Using Later

Later offers a free version which will allow you to make 30 posts per month. If this is, however not enough to convey the entire substance of your marketing campaign, then you can upgrade and will be charged about $9 per month, which is still very reasonable. They also offer the incentive that if you refer someone to the app, then both of you will receive an added ten posts per month completely free of charge.

Easy To Use Interface

Once you have downloaded the application onto your device and made a link with your Instagram account, which is all easy to do, then you can start uploading images. Select from your images which ones need to be posted, add your captions and schedule at what time would you like your posts to be published. The interface can hardly be any more straightforward, and the entire process is super easy. Once the clock has reached the scheduled time slot, you will receive a text message reminding you that the post must be published. Open up the letter and your post will appear, ready to send it in to the full world. Press release, and it goes straight away into your feed on Instagram.

Also Applicable to Other Social Media Platforms

Later is predominantly linked with Instagram since it has been developed to overcome the challenge of scheduling posts on Instagram, but it has a broader array of uses except for Instagram and can also be used to schedule posts on Facebook and Pinterest. Scheduling on Instagram is a challenge. Later in the solution.

How to Create an Audience through Hashtags

Hashtags are the backbone of a great social media marketing campaign. Why? You might ask. Quite simply for it is an effective way to make sure that your details, products, campaign or message is being found in the whirlpool of available information on the internet. There is a generation of social media users who need no introduction to hashtags, but this isn’t usually your small or medium enterprise owner. For many, some segments of social media managed to excel without us even taking notice and now we need to get acquainted.

How Do Hashtags Work?

Surely at least the person least informed is aware of the fact that whenever the symbol # is preceding a word in a social media post, that is referred to as a hashtag. Hashtags are the chains that connect you to a much larger audience through related topics. Thus it is vital to increase the level of engagement which your post generated. When someone is searching a keyword or key phrase which you too used in the form of a hashtag, then your job would be among those retrieved from the information-heavy network, and the odds are much higher than someone will see it. So since it is so vital to success, let’s explore some ways to apply it effectively.

Simplicity and Relevance Is Vital

Your choice of hashtags should be something that many people are searching for and yet remains related to your topic. Long and complex hashtags will draw less attention and therefore make sure that whatever you choose to tag is simple and relevant to your topic.

The universe of social media is powered by whatever is trending right now. That said, trending hashtags are priceless to add. Many websites will rate different hashtags according to trendiness, and that will allow you to pick some which apply to your post. Always be sure that your content is making a valuable contribution to the trending topic and the global conversation it generated.

Hashtags Aren’t Limited

For sure, some social media platforms were others far ahead when it came to the use of hashtags, but by now all are on par, and you can use hashtags in your Facebook posts and LinkedIn account too. Sometimes different things are implied by the use of a word, then what the general understanding of it is. Therefore when you are planning on using a specific trending word, be sure that your content is contributing to the central topic which it is related to, while trending. It is thus vital to search words before using them.

Various platforms allow for various numbers of allowed hashtags. Some up to 30 and more. This doesn’t mean that you have to use all 30. Find a great balance between what is needed to be seen and yet not overpowering the content of your post.

Google My Business – An Easy Guide

Google My Business is the tool to use to determine how you would like your business to be reflected when it shows up in Google searches. This applies to both Google Searches and Google Maps. It allows you to add your location, name and opening hours, but it does so much more than only that. With Google My Business you can add customer reviews to your profile, as well as photos and posts. Furthermore, it serves as a tool to determine how people search for you and what to adjust to your marketing strategy to reach a wider audience.

Easy Information Management

Google My Business makes it very easy to manage the information, which is vital to be found by clients. Businesses which have their details verified by Google by Business are in general considered to be more reputable. Make sure that your information is always up to date and thereby making it easy for prospective clients to make contact. It is an excellent platform for interaction with clients. Clients have the option of leaving reviews on this app, and this allows business owners to attend to bad reviews quickly and thank customers for great ones. Statistics also indicate that the addition of photos to your listing increases the interest from possible clients by 42% and directions to your business lead to 35% more clicks to your business’s website

Expand Through Understanding

The platform allows business owners to gain insight into the needs and preferences of their prospective clients. When you know how the market’s interest is triggered in your business, you can expand on that to achieve greater success.

Google My Business is entirely free to use by any business with only one single requirement, and that is that you have to have face-to-face interaction with your clients. This would therefore only exclude enterprises to which operate entirely online. The process to start up your account can’t be made more accessible. In a few simple steps, you can set-up your mind and have the vital information verified to ensure that you gain ultimate reputability within your industry.

Once logged into your Google Account, which is associated with your business, you can proceed to the link and select the “start now” option. This will allow you to enter the vital information of your business in an easy step-by-step process. If you are willing to deliver your goods, you have the choice under the section concerned with customers, to add delivery areas and more.

Once all the vital information has been entered, and you have completed all the required steps, the process of verification is recommended. Even though it is not a requirement, it is strongly suggested. With a few easy steps, you can be found on the most popular search engine in the world, therefore using Google My Business is a vital partner in any business.

Social Media Post Lengths

Are you often unsure of how much you need to say on your social media posts? Saying too much might let your readers lose interest and saying too little can mean that you don’t engage them at all. Add to that confusion, the fact that every kind of media platform allows only a certain amount of words. We shall now explore what is the optimal word count for several of the most popular social media platforms, to achieve maximum punching power from your posts.


The leading platform for social media marketers globally. With more than a billion users, it is no surprise that Facebook is the largest social media platform available to you. Hence how do you optimize on access to this worldwide audience? Facebook offers a variety of different posting kinds. The list is quite daunting when one starts to add them up. Events, statuses, posts and ads are only a few of the options you have. Facebook posts can be up to 63 206 characters long, but then nobody will read it. Experts indicated that the perfect length for Facebook posts is in the area between 40 and 50 characters, with 40 being the sweet spot for maximum exposure and no more than 50. The only challenge now is saying what you need to say in 50 or fewer characters.


Twitter has always been much stingier on its character count. Only recently, they have increased their limit from 140 characters to 280. Hence pictures are here the perfect solution to speak the 1000 words which you won’t be able to include in your tweet. Video is another great alternative, which doesn’t affect your character count. Take note that indirect messages you are allowed to explain yourself within 10 000 characters.


Since Instagram is considered to be a media-centric social platform, you are strongly urged to focus here on visual media to convey your message. A great caption of no more than 2 200 characters is allowed. For a striking impression, it is suggested that you still stick to the shorter version of only 125 styles for your caption rather than the lengthy 2 200. Instagram is also very favourable towards hashtags and allows up to 30 per post, but once again, less is more, and the suggested number of hashtags are around 11 per post.


LinkedIn sets itself apart from the other social media platforms in the sense that it is conveying the image that it is professional. Users are also allowed to post within a variety of different kinds of content, including statuses, blog posts and videos. LinkedIn allows for 700 characters, but the see more button gets inserted at 140 characters and the remainder will be hidden. Hence be sure to say what you need to say within the first 140 characters. On blog posts, they don’t limit the characters at all, but the rumour has it that at 120 000 they will cut your message short.

Social Media a Vital Partner in Your Business’s Success

The days when every business was listed in a printed telephone directory and when marketing was mainly done through printed media, flyers and even televised commercials or radio broadcasts, is a historic memory almost eliminated beneath the dust of ages gone by. Nowadays, social media became a vital partner in the success of your business and here is why.

Shooting with a Much More Direct Approach

The proper use of social media enables marketers and business owners alike to take a much more focused approach when they try to reach their target audience. Offline advertising can be compared to shooting in the blind with little hope of reaching the bull’s eye. Social media ads enable users to determine and define their target markets much more effectively to take a more planned approach towards achieving their desired target market with success, again and again. Social media ads directed expertly at a clearly defined group leads to a much higher conversion rate and therefore, better returns on your investment.

Great Reductions in Advertising Expenses

Broadcasted advertisement on both television and radio and print media has one definite characteristic in common, quite a hefty price tag. In comparison, these old forms of advertising are much more expensive than the options which social media brought to the world. Social media is a much more financially viable option which is available and affordable to all with the desire to extend their market share and build their brand. It leans to a greater variety of options where you can determine your budget and plan your campaigns according to that.

Real-time Updates on Success Rate

Social media offers users the ability to determine whether their advertisements are effective while it is still running. Thus, allowing for changes to be made while the ad is active. This not only allows the advertiser to make changes but also to determine which approach is successful and which not so much.

A Growing Phenomenon, Unlikely to Change

Social media is fast growing into the most successful, favoured and often used a form of advertising for any business. It is, therefore, no wonder that the business of advertising on social platforms has grown into a massive industry which generated $9.16 billion only during the first quarter of 2017. This figure is continuously on the rise at a sharp upward curve, since advertising through social media initially became a matter of interest during 2005. There is no denying in the fact that this form of advertising is not only a much more effective and successful approach to building your brand but also a more affordable form of lead generation, which is here to stay.

In the end, the question which remains is not whether you can afford the time and money to invest in a proper social media marketing campaign, but much rather whether you can afford not to.

Hootsuite enables Social Media Multitasking

In the age of social media dominance in the world of marketing and advertising, any business or individual needs to have a strong social media presence for successful brand building. Keeping all of these different platforms up to date can be a daunting and very time-consuming task. Therefore it is far more convenient and necessary to make use of tools and apps which allows for multitasking when busy with social media updates. Hootsuite is such a tool, allowing you to save time by multitasking and completing many updates all at once.

Hootsuite is a top-rated social media manager who is serving already over 10 million people situated in more than 175 countries. Their head office is based in Canada in Vancouver, but they do have offices based in eight different countries, mainly focusing on supporting the languages of these countries.

Getting Going With Hootsuite

Hootsuite is open to all, and it is as simple as registering your free account. With registration, you will be linked to a username and password. From there, you will be able to choose the different social media platforms applicable to you. Once this is done, you can start scheduling posts, post messages as well as view messages.

Note that no software installation is required to be able to access Hootsuite since you will be working directly from your web browser. Hootsuite integrates with a variety of social media platforms including Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube and more. For each of these, you will be requested to enter the login ids and passwords for the various social media profiles which you link to your Hootsuite account. At this stage, Hootsuite will also require the authorization to access added pages related to your profile pages. With the free Hootsuite plan, users can link up to three different social media profiles, all at once. In the case where more patterns need to be kept updated and linked to your Hootsuite account, it is better to register for one of the paid plan options priced at around $29 per month, billed annually and allowing ten profile links.

Hootsuite’s Features

Not only can the application be used to schedule postings, but it is also great with obtaining key metrics on performance as well as brilliant in providing data. Even though there are other applications which do provide more in-depth analytical reports as well as exceptional solutions for influencing management, Hootsuite is perfect for smaller businesses and start-ups.

Hootsuite offers a variety of tools including engagement tools, influencer identification and listening tools. Their dashboard is clear and easy to use. Streams can be added to your profile, and the activity of these streams are continuously being displayed. A newer feature which they deliver is providing customer feedback through integration with Twitter. Through this, social customer service can be improved.

Hootsuite is a comprehensive solution offering much-needed requirements and is therefore understandable that it is rated among the most popular choices for social media management.

The Best Apps on Android For Your Business

The selection of applications available to assist you in running your business is daunting. Your pick of these apps will depend on various factors, including the size of your business, the structure, the purpose which you need to be fulfilled and the industry in which you are. Hence there are a couple of trustworthy names, and they are all available on Android. Being involved in a small to medium-sized business, these will probably be of much assistance to you.

Creating To-do Lists with Asana

Asana varies in price from being offered free of charge to a $9.99 per month premium. It is allowing easy and effortless task assignment to various people within your business. It provides the option of leaving comments, you can assign tasks to individuals or groups, and you have the option of multiple subsections to add. For up to 15 people on your team, Asana offers solutions free of charge.

Scanning in On CamScanner

CamScanner can also be used free of charge, or you can pay a monthly premium of $4.99 or an annual dividend of $49.99. CamScanner allows you to turn your phone into an office set-up by transforming your camera into a scanner. This is very helpful if you need to create pdf documents on the go. The app even allows for easy sharing and sending of faxes. This can be very helpful if you often deal with materials which need to be shared electronically.

Getting Paid with Paypal

PayPal is the means of choice to many small and medium-sized businesses to make payments and to manage invoices and other transactions. Sometimes it is even used to pay employees and is especially well-known in industries where employees are working remotely. Business accounts in Paypal make transfers easy and secure. They offer fingerprint support and checking on your balances are easy and quick. Fees on PayPal might vary, but a large part of it is provided free of charge.

Chat Through Slack

Slack is a chat app which was developed with a specific focus on the working environment. It offers a simple interface, conference call ability, easy sharing of documents and multiple channels to use. Slack is easily integrated with various other apps and website. Pant is one of the few apps which isn’t mainly focused on the small and medium-sized businesses but can also be very helpful within much more giant corporations. Slack has a free option. Alternatively, the paid version varies in price between $6.67 – $12.50 monthly.

Getting Paid Through Square Point of Sale

Square Register is an application which performs like a cash register for small and mobile businesses. It is a point of sale system which comes with an essential magnetic stripe reader. The most basic strip is supplied, but much better solutions are available at a fee. It allows customers to swipe their cards to complete transactions on the go. Square takes their cut of 2.5% of every purchase, but otherwise, you don’t have any upfront payments to make. An easy way of doing business on the go.