TikTok Shuts Down Chinese Servers

The Hong Kong region is facing significant changes to their ecosystem, with the Chinese Government working with local politicians to enact a new security law. This legislation was approved over the July 3rd weekend, turning Hong Kong from a democracy into a communist regime. It’s prompted significant concern amongst the international community, with Hong Kong holding formidable connections in the financial & retail industries.

Labelled a Draconian Security Law, those fined under the stipulated provisions will face significant odds against them. Implemented requirements included Crimes of Terrorism, Subversion, Collusion, and Secession with Chinese/Hong Kong forces punishable by a life sentence. Chinese Life Sentences are sustained until the day that convict dies; it doesn’t apply for twenty-five years as seen in democratic nations.

What is considered terrorism by the Chinese Communist Party is concerning, with the damaging of public facilities & transportation services being deemed a terrorist act. Ensuring that criminals are prosecuted for demanding freedom in their nation, Beijing is building a Hong Kong Security Headquarters. Those found guilty will be moved to mainland China, indited by a Chinese Judge, and sent to prison or a labour camp. Either or are deadly.

International Corporations Opposing China

Companies worldwide have promised to stop operations in the Hong Kong region, which is consistent with their policies against China. Social media services like Twitter & Telegram have vowed to shut down their servers, with corporations like Facebook stating they’ll oblige data requests from the Chinese Government. This means there’s the potential for North American & European Facebook User Data to be collected by Chinese Government Officials. However, Users would’ve had to engage with someone on the platform in Hong Kong to meet the factors associated with Chinese data requests.

Then there is the widely used & popular social media application known as TikTok. The Chinese-owned corporation of ByteDance manages this teenage-themed application. They’re claiming that their Hong Kong Servers & operations of TikTok will be terminated effective immediately. However, Chinese companies refusing to abide by the new security laws implemented by the CCP would allow for these sentiments to become a reality. TikTok Executives would face identical punishments if found unwilling to comply with CCP Data Requests. Subsequently, North American & European Governments are considering banning TikTok from their borders. This comes as multiple nations fight against the Chinese Communist Party & their efforts for global control.

Next-Generation Games Will Cost More

Gamers in America, Europe, Britain, and Canada are expressing their concerns to publishers worldwide. This follows after it was announced that upcoming games for the PS5 and XSX would cost an additional £5.00 over the standard prices of titles today. 2K Publishers confirmed prolonged speculation of the increase in cost their 2021 Installment of NBA 2K. Neither Sony nor Microsoft has been available to confirm that all games for Triple-A Titles will cost £5.00 more last generation.

Analysts in this space indicated that it’s commonplace for new hardware to have increased costs, with development processes requiring higher budgets. This analyst then reminded consumers that COVID-19 had enforced significant setbacks onto all studios that developer video games, meaning an increase in cost could assist with those losses. Complex factors arising from the fallout of COVID-19 will enforce fluctuations on the scale of pricing. This analyst then finished his sentiments by clarifying that Microsoft & Sony don’t make more than £50.00 of the sale of their hardware systems. 95% of their yearly profits are earned from the sales margins with video games, and downloadable content. When accounting for these attributes, it’s easy to comprehend why an adjustment of the price is coming.

Microsoft’s Smart Delivery System

2K Publishers is infamous for pre-emptily recommending the margin of costs for new titles, with either their games of Electronic Arts being the 1st to release on modern consoles. The fifth generation of consoles could alter this standard business practice, with Microsoft announcing their “Smart Delivery System”. Consumers subscribing to this service would purchase a single game & have access to it across any Xbox Series X worldwide. It’d even extend towards personal computers. Analysts suspect that Microsoft’s model will become more popular than 2K Publishers, especially after the economic recessions that’ll follow for years after the COVID-19 pandemic has concluded.


Those wanting to purchase NBA 2K21 must wait until the PlayStation 5 & Xbox Series X is released this Holiday Season. It’ll cost consumers more than $600.00 to experience this realistic version of professional basketball. That’s because upcoming consoles will cost $500.00, with the additional price tag of $70.00 for NBA2K21. When accounting for the associated taxes based on state borders, it’ll be hard to locate costs lower than $600.00 for this combined package.

WatchOS7 Unveiled by Apple

The Apple Company provided its loyal consumers with an updated outlook into their 2020-21 software updates. The Worldwide Developers Keynote Conference – 2020 Edition, unfolded over June 22nd. Fans of Apple products were shown the 14th edition of iOS for the iPhone and iPad, with notable features being introduced. Widgets similar to Android are being added & enhancements to the grouped applications feature are coming.

What excited fans more than these minor feature upgrades was an announcement on WatchOS7. Features that’ve been requested by Apple enthusiasts from the beginning of Apple Watches have finally been added after seven software generations. This included an updated version of the Apple Activity App, which has been rebranded to “Apple Fitness”. The more compelling feature added to WatchOS7 is Sleep Tracking, allowing consumers to determine how many hours they’re obtaining while resting for the night. Detailed accounts on their sleep cycle are provided, showing users when they slept deeply & when they were almost awake.

Sleep tracking has been supported with Android Watches since their first software iteration. It’s been requested by Apple Loyalists because medical physicians & experts can better determine what’s needed for their patient to recover from sleep-related problems. It also informs Apple Watch owners when Sleep Apnea is possibility inflicting their nightly routine. Tim Cook is infamous for not listening to requests from consumers, often taking years to implement outdated features. WWDC2020 was an example that Tim Cook hasn’t changed his mindset, as all features introduced for their 2020-21 software lineup have been available for 10+ years with Android.

Sleep Soundly with Apple

Another feature praised by Apple supporters is the “Wind Down Mode”, which works similarly to “Do Not Disturb”. Notifications will be terminated while Apple users sleep, meditation sounds curated by the Apple Music Team will begin to play for two hours & the Apple Watch will focus on calming users into deep periods of sleep. Once the watch recognizes that owners have fallen asleep, tracking of their sleeping patterns will immediately begin. It should be mentioned that maintaining this feature throughout an entire night requires a full battery. This creates significant limitations in how the “Wind Down Mode” can be approached.

Facebook Removes Trump Election Campaign Advertisement

Donald Trump has received significant backlash for his Re-Election Campaign Advertisements on Facebook. These advertisements were used by Nazi Germany, with PR Representatives from this social media giant noting that the “Red Triangle” was used to label their opponents as communists. It was a standard tactic used by Adolf Hitler to make Nazi Soldiers believe they weren’t fighting under a communist regime, which they were.

The Trump Campaign Team was informed by Facebook that their advertisement had been removed & wouldn’t be permitted on their social media platform. Representatives for Donald Trump demanded that their President was targeting ANTIFA, an activist group with the far left. When routing where this advertisement originated on the social media platform, the Mike Pence and Donald Trump Pages are revealed. The President and his VP kept this advertisement running for 24 hours, where it became viral & was seen by 500+ thousand civilians in America.

When questioned on their reasoning for removing this advertisement, Facebook mentioned that their support doesn’t extend towards hateful organizations or the groups that represent them. It was clarified that Facebook will always terminate endorsements of racist nature & ignorant ideologies.

Trump’s Excuse

The President of the United States used Tim Murtaugh to clarify his excuses towards this symbol selection. The Trump Campaign Representative mentioned that the Inverted Red Triangle is commonly used with ANTIFA, which is why the video advertisement showed this video. Trump’s Rep than placed blame towards Facebook & mentioned that their Red Triangle Emoji is still used today. When looking for that symbol on American servers of Facebook, it cannot be found.

Most have forgotten that Donald Trump started a personal war with ANTIFA, claiming that this group started the initial George Floyd Riots. Donald Trump has put a significant level of blame regarding these violent protests onto ANTIFA, claiming the group is a Domestic Terrorist Organization. Trump has made it his goal to stop this group from proceeding in their operations. It should be mentioned that ANTIFA works against Neo-Nazis, Supremacists, Fascism, and Racism. The fact that Trump is working to destroy this group shows the President supported those horrendous movements.

Ekans Ransomware Infects Honda Ltd

The Honda Company confirmed on June 10th that they’d experienced an Ekans Ransomware Attack, which has subsequently impacted their international operations. Based through cybernetic malware that ping from one location to another, once Ekans has infected a system, it’ll take over within 24 Hours. Honda forcibly confirmed that accessing their computer servers isn’t possible, with this extending to their internal email systems, and manufacturing networks. It’s prompted a notable impact onto the manufacturing facilities located outside Japan. Representatives then mentioned that support staff are working diligently to minimalize the international implications, with full functionality returning by the latest of June 15th. Personnel under the Sales Department are unable to adhere to retailer obligations until a solution is obtained.

Manufacturing on Sedans, SUVS, Trucks, Motorcycles, Lawn Mowers and Generators have been affected by the Ekans Ransomware. Representatives didn’t confirm if the unnamed attackers have requested funds to return services to the Honda Company. It’s speculated that Honda is employing their support team before engaging in delegations with a cybernetic terrorist. Corporations infected with the Ekans Ransomware have previously paid millions to reobtain their operations, with Honda most likely not willing to go down this road.

Details regarding the level of infection from Ekans wasn’t detailed. However, multiple factories with Honda have postponed operations until the 15th. This includes their Sweden, North America, Japan, Turkey, and Italy Manufacturing Facilities. Honda 1st remarked that employed personnel were informed to remain home for one day, with that period increasing to several. This guarantees that the Ekans Ransomware has infected all aspects of the Honda Company’s internal operations.

Denied Aid

Cyber Security Experts worldwide have offered to provide the Honda Company with their insight. Refusal from representatives is often the reaction given to these individuals. Experts were questioned on why they’ve been refused Consultant Status, with it being remarked that Honda doesn’t want inside sources that aren’t permanent employees engaging with their systems. This could result in delayed solutions for their Ekans Ransomware Attack. Every day that Honda doesn’t solve this attack means another day that Customer Information can be stolen. Representatives claim that information hacks aren’t possible under their software. However, this isn’t true when someone else has control of your internal operating system.

COVID-19 Found in New York Tesla Plant

Governments are restarting their economies, hoping that by implementing standard safety measures, a 2nd wave of the novel coronavirus pandemic can be avoided. This is proven an illogical mentality to support, with there being 19+ thousand additional cases of COVID-19 confirmed in the United States alone on May 2nd. One of these infections applied towards an employed individual at the Tesla Buffalo Solar Panel Factory, marking this unnamed individual as the 4th who contracted the disease with the company since reopening factories in the United States.

Most have forgotten that from March to May, there were confirmed infections of COVID-19 is the same factory space that Tesla shares with many technology conglomerates. This includes the Panasonic Company; recording confirmed infections for every month since the coronavirus broke out in America. Two corporations announcing confirmed infections in the same general space indicates an outbreak. The involvement of the CDC could become necessary, forcing Elon Musk to terminate solar panel production for the 2nd time.

Elon Musk didn’t announce that the Tesla Buffalo Solar Panel Factory was reopening, with the New York State Facility becoming operational again by May 19th. Resuming operations were permitted after Tesla Strategists provided formal health & safety measures. These measures haven’t actively been followed, with there being a specific infection fifteen days after reopening.

PR Representatives with Tesla indicated their sadness by announcing that an additional member of their workforce has contracted the virus. An internal investigation is being held to determine if this unnamed individual participated in the recent protests in New York City. These protests have prompted the majority of infections seen on May 2nd.

Buffalo Concerned with Tesla

Challenges will face this factory if furloughs increase. The Telsa Corporation provided insurances to Buffalo Politicians that they’d hire 1500 local civilians, with their promises exceeding expectations by Elon Musk saying he’d employ more significant numbers of Buffalo Civilians. Three months after the pandemic broke out & less than five hundred have been rehired, with all remaining furlough employees told they didn’t meet “Key Employment Goals”. Similar issues weren’t seen at Tesla’s Nevada or California Factories.

Huawei Facing International Extradition

The continued aggression between the United States & China began with Huawei, where investigators located information that revealed the handset manufacturer was collecting the data of American civilians. A thorough review of this information was indicated that Huawei would expand its data collection with the introduction of 5G Telecommunications. American Politicians have urged democratic nations worldwide to ban the importing of Huawei’s products. There was a notable resistance against this request, with countries like the United Kingdom unable to deny that Huawei is spying on their civilians.

Most weren’t anticipating that the United Kingdom would follow America in the fight against Huawei. Parliament provided the Huawei Company 35% market share over 5G Networks in Great Britain, Scotland, Ireland, and the Welsh Islands. The unexpected mindset of dismissing Huawei from the United Kingdom has shocked supporters of this brand. It should be noted that politics plays a significant role in this decision, with Parliament having an increase of internal requests against the Chinese Communist Party. This follows after considerable worldwide speculation has faced China, with their communist regime being the 1st infected by COVID-19. Speculation point towards the CCP being involved in the releasing of COVID-19.

The Conservative Party of Great Britain has turned into an Anti-Huawei Camp, with their leader becoming infected with the virus in late April. He’d once supported the concept of growth behind the Chinese Economy before the coronavirus, with his mindset flipping. This is the conventional stance that’s been taken in the United Kingdom Parliament. Avoiding the possibility of significant backlash from UK Politicians, Boris Johnson enacted legislation that will phase Huawei out of Great Britain’s 5G Network. This extends towards Scotland, Ireland, and the Welsh Islands.

Boris Johnson is looking to make this an international phasing out of Huawei. Nations like France, Canada, Japan, Germany, South Korea, Australia, India, and the United States will be requested to terminate the entirety of their involvement with Huawei. Refusal could prompt trade wars amongst G7 Countries. It should be noted that unlike Donald Trump’s fight with Huawei, Boris Johnson is providing reasonable solutions to Huawei leaving the network. One solution would be the D10 Alliance, which would have the Sony Mobile Division possibly replace Huawei. Their reputability as an international corporation provides comfortability to UK Politicians.

Advanced Internet Speeds Created by Australian Team

Australian Researchers proved that internet speeds could exceed expectations beyond what anybody thought. This follows after the team recorded the fastest internet data speed in historical records. Individuals from RMIT, Swinburne, and Monash Universities combined their intelligence to exceed the capabilities of internet speeds. The result was a data speed clocked at 44.2 Terabits Per Second.

Obtaining these speeds with conventional internet users won’t ever be possible. Data Terabits are meant for extensive research in association with artificial intelligence. The hope is to create new technologies, medical advancements, or breakthroughs in the understanding of our cosmos. Still, it’s incredible to think that at 44.2 Terabits Per Second, 1000+ HD Movies could be downloaded in a blink of your eyes. Even notable entrepreneurs like Bill Gates are shocked by this advancement.

The Process

It should be noted that the average broadband speeds in the United Kingdom don’t exceed past 64 Megabits Per Second. This is less than 1% of the 44.2 Terabits Per Second seen by these Australian Researchers. Most aren’t aware, but Australia holds a global advantage over internet speeds, with their geographic location allowing connections to better traverse between the empty landscape. Their ranked 1% in conventional internet speeds. It’s for this reason that the Australian Researchers could use a specialized device that allows for enhanced rates.

Eighty lasers were used to create a “Micro-Comb”, which creates a secondary infrastructure on the National Broadband Network. Holding a consistent connection with the Micro-Comb, connections bounced back from each other in a single optical chip. It created a modernized fibre-option broadband system that saw the world’s faster internet speeds to date.

The Hope

Internet connections at 44.2 Terabits Per Second worldwide would drastically alter our lifestyles. These Australian researchers theorize that with the correct science, matter itself could be transferred with internet speeds slightly higher than what they achieved in early May. Industries like healthcare, transportation, astronomy, and food production could all be enhanced via these record speeds. Obtaining this goal won’t be possible for decades to come, with most telecommunication enhancements taking 5+ years for providers to install. Implementing this rate of speed would take 25+ with their current technologies.

Elon Musk Disregards National Lockdown Orders

Headlines regarding Elon Musk have been prevalent through April & May, which follows after the Tesla CEO made numerous tweets that were considered foolish by his investors. It prompted the valuation of Tesla to drop by billions. Investors are concerned that valuations will deplete a 2nd time after Elon Musk reopened his powerplant unexpectedly through Twitter. The Chief Executive Officer of Tesla informed that production restarted before the media was told, with all employees operating their respective duties with social distancing being maintained. Musk was reopened this powerplant against the legislation enacted by California, who are continuing their social distancing measures until a considerable drop in infections is seen.

These remarks through Twitter indicated that if local authorities implemented enforcement, then the Tesla Powerplant wouldn’t be considered their headquarters anymore and would inevitably be shutdown. These sentiments came after Elon Musk vocalized his demands for lockdowns to be lifted, suggesting that America needs to be freed and that the coronavirus shouldn’t concern civilians. It’s remarks of this nature that’ll inevitably prompt the valuation of Tesla to deplete a 2nd time.

It should be noted that California is allowing specific conditions with manufacturing in all Counties except for Alameda, which is where the Tesla Fremont Plant is located. Elon Musk forced a lawsuit onto the Alameda Country, claiming that their orders to stop Tesla’s manufacturing are illegal under the new state and federal conditions. Elon isn’t waiting for his request to be met either, with the CEO taking actions into his own account. Local law enforcement was informed of these illegal actions, with these officers awaiting a decision from Alameda County before proceeding.

Prison Time

Both Alameda County and the Tesla Company are engaging in delegations through their respective health departments, with insiders remarking that Musk won’t budge on his decision. Alameda Officials in response have informed Tesla that they’ll be criminally punished in the same manner to other companies in the County that have broken lockdown protocols. This prompted Elon Musk to make one final tweet, where he demanded that under any form of punishment, he be the one arrested. Don’t be surprised if the superstar billionaire philanthropist is imprisoned by next week.

Microsoft Unveils 2020 Surface Products

The Surface Lineup has become infamous amongst dedicated supporters of the Microsoft Company. Business executives, Hollywood celebrities, and Technology enthusiasts have been requesting updated models with the Surface lineup for 12+ months. Microsoft has finally answered the call and released three updated versions in their lineup. This includes the Surface Go 2020, Surface Book 3, and Surface Buds. Below we’ve comprised minor reviews of each respective product.

Surface Go 2

Microsoft unveiled the 2nd Generation of the Surface Go, their entry-level tablet that can also be utilized like a laptop. Multiple enhancements have been made, with the PixelSense Display increasing from 10 Inches to 10.5”. Dual Studio Microphones have been implemented, enabling enhanced audio quality from the previous generation. Performances with the Surface Go 2 have improved by 64% with the 8th Gen Intel Core M3. Those wanting to purchase this updated model will require $399.00 for the Surface Go 2. Purchasing a keyboard cover will add $130.00 to the associated cost, with the Surface Pen costing $100.00 extra onto the total price. This means the maximum value with all accessories purchased will be $630.00 plus tax.

Surface Book 3

Microsoft’s most desired product for 2020 is the Surface Book Three. It’s a full laptop rivalling the iMac Air or Pro. Just like the Surface Go, it’s also a tablet that can detach itself from the keyboard cover. Premium materials are implemented to ensure more extended lifetime usage, which extends to the battery life, which ranges from 15 – 17 hours depending on the respective tasks. This is possible through the Dual Intel 10th Gen Processors, Nvidia GPU, and 32GB RAM. The 15” Display supports PixelSense technologies with 1080p Resolution. It should be mentioned that the Surface Book Three can be customized with enhanced internals and displays, meaning 4K is possible for an additional cost.

Surface Earbuds

Microsoft delayed designing a pair of wireless earbuds, believing that most supporters wouldn’t purchase this product. When the Surface Headphones sold beyond expectations, it prompted the creation of the Surface Earbuds. They’ll be released on May 12th and support 24+ hours of battery life. It’ll hold full integration with the Microsoft Ecosystem, ensuring that consumers have professional-grade experiences.