Coca-Cola Terminating Half Their Brands

Notable beverages with countless international retailers are about to be terminated & recalled. This follows after the Coca-Cola Corporation announced that half their brands are being removed from production. Most of these brands aren’t operational in North America, with this announcement more affecting Europeans & Asians. Collectively, there’ll be two hundred brands discontinued by year’s end. This follows after quarterly statistical data revealed that these beverages accounted for 1% of Coca-Cola Corp’s total profits. The number of resources & attention required to grow these branded beverages has cost Coca-Cola more than profits have sustained.

There could’ve been an opportunity for Coca-Cola Corp to continue supporting these 200 branded beverages. However, financial concerns relating to the coronavirus pandemic forced a directional change in business operations. Notable brands that’ve been eliminated included Tab, the first diet soda released by Coca-Cola for global consumption. Zico Coconut Water & Northern Neck Ginger Ale have also been discontinued. Additional discontinued beverages include:

  • Odwalla Juices
  • Diet Coke Feisty Cherry Flavour
  • Coca-Cola Life
  • Delaware Punch

The United States of America & Canada won’t see Coca-Cola beverages eliminated from their product shelves in 2020. However, company spokespersons haven’t confirmed if that could change throughout the 2021 fiscal year. Continued losses on certain beverages could prompt their discontinuation.

Eliminating these beverage brands will provide the Coca-Cola Corporation with the necessary finances to increase marketing campaigns on other drinks. It’s known that Coca-Cola wants to increase advertising for Topo Chico Hard Seltzer and AHA Flavoured Sparkling Water. It’s expected that Coca-Cola Energy will also receive a notable marketing campaign.

Most wouldn’t expect that Coca-Cola Corp would report international revenue losses during the coronavirus pandemic. It shows that no company can avoid financial burdens associated with COVID. Quarterly results showed Coca-Cola Corp had revenue fall by 9%. This volume is lower than the revenue losses in Q2, which sustained a 24% drop. Coca-Cola cannot risk a continued decrease in profits & must begin evaluating where targeted funds are best engaged. Discontinuing ineffective beverage brands frees up the finances needed to sustain margins through the continuing pandemic. Consumers can anticipate an influx of advertisements from Coca-Cola with their remaining brands.

Amazon Partners with Samsung for Prime Day 2020

One of the most prominent shopping days of the year has arrived, with Amazon Prime Days now available to millions in North America. Numerous products & brands are supporting Amazon Prime Days, with Samsung being a notable retailer. The Samsung Company has issued lowered prices for its latest mobile handsets in 2020, household appliances, and a multitude of technologies like 4KTVs.

The Samsung Galaxy S20 Lineup & Galaxy Note 20 have received sales valued at $200.00 to $350.00 off initial asking prices. Consumers selecting the “Samsung Galaxy S20 5G Ultra” will obtain the maximum savings of $350.00. Features associated with Samsung’s most premium device for 2020 include a 6.9-Inch Dynamic OLED Display & Snapdragon 865 Handset. There’s also a multitude of camera modules supported with the S20 Ultra, including an Ultra-Zoom & Portrait lens.

For Americans, the discount of $350.00 for Samsung’s S20 Ultra requires an outright cost of $600.00. Customers wanting premium materials for their mobile handset with lower prices can select the Samsung Galaxy S20, which supports a $250.00 discount. There’s also the Samsung Galaxy S20+ with a reduction of $300.00. With associated savings, costs for these handsets are $400.00 for the Galaxy S20 & $350.00 for the Samsung Galaxy S20+.

Consumers are better suited to purchase the Samsung Galaxy S10+, which supports more incredible features for a lower cost. It’s one of those specialized deals that dedicated Amazon customers can locate with premium retailers. It should be noted that the Samsung Galaxy Note 20 & Note 20 Ultra are also experiencing largescale discounts. However, those devices are similar to tablets & recommended for avoidance. The Note Series is known for having overheating batteries with unviable features.

The Biggest Savings of them All

Handset owners looking to upgrade without the cost of $350.00 for the Samsung Galaxy S20+ have a final option. There’s also the “Samsung Galaxy A71 5G” available for $200.00 with the associated discount of $180.00 from the asking price. Considering that most of the same features related to the S20s are available in the A71, with mid-range components, it’s the perfect handset for consumers needing cheaper phones.

McDonald’s UK Won’t Stifle Innovation.

The United Kingdom Division of McDonald’s has emphasised their dedication towards other fast-food suppliers creating innovative technologies & food trends. These sentiments were evoked by Paul Pomroy, the chief executive officer of McDonald’s UK. Pomroy doesn’t believe that McDonald’s UK should consistently lead Innovation in their marketspace. Most fast-food restaurants in the United Kingdom copy concepts introduced by McDonald’s, something that CEO Paul Pomroy wants to avoid.

Industry-wide growth benefits greater from mass innovation than the monopoly effect. Pomroy understands that too much of one positive thing makes it into a negative for consumers, which includes McDonald’s restaurants. It should be noted that national fast-food chains fail in-comparison to McDonald’s with consumer popularity. Pomroy being a British civilian, would like this to change on some level.

CEO Paul Pomroy clarified his desire for industry-wide Innovation during the “Festival of Marketing” on October 6th. Sentiments from Pomroy began diverting towards the McDonald’s mentality, with Paul evoking that large corporations cannot stand still with Innovation & must balance their newest products to older services. This enables a consistent experience, which most fast-food chains in Britain have failed to accomplish in comparison to McDonald’s. CEO Paul Pomroy has a concern that pleasing 4 Million regular customers is challenging & that stifled Innovation on their behalf is beginning to eliminate food trends.

Paul Pomroy would like the United Kingdom to resemble North America, which has fast-food corporations share their innovative concepts. You’ll often see one restaurant release a new product, with their competitors following suit with a different iteration of the same menu item. UK fast-food chains are typically reliant on McDonald’s, the largest operator, for new ideas. This isn’t beneficial for the industry, or the world’s largest fast-food conglomerate.

Product Sharing

McDonald’s UK is beginning to change its mindset on the concept of product sharing after COVID-19 impacted profits. Customers are beginning to eat more at home & create unique recipes, which has McDonald’s concerned that lost profits will remain consistent throughout the next decade. The exclusive way to avoid continues losses is by increasing industry-wide Innovation. That’s why Paul Pomroy has implored fellow fast-food CEOs to begin creating new ideas immediately and enabling other brands to developer their respective versions.

PepsiCo Renovating eCommerce Space

Online shopping has grown into a vast market space throughout the COVID-19 Pandemic, prompting corporations to restructure their business strategies towards eCommerce. The latest multi-billion business that’s announced their refocus is PepsiCo, which has seen a prominent rise in acquired assets via the eCommerce marketspace. An official press release was issued by PepsiCo, which noted an investment into the accelerating market & eCommerce growth that’s been seen since January 2020. PepsiCo predicts that from 2020 to 2025, there’ll be an evident growth throughout this market.

An investor call prompted the press release, where Chief Executive Officer Ramon Laguarta of PepsiCo, spoke to the board of investors. He’d clarify through throughout six months, an acceleration of growth that accounts for three years has been seen. CEO Ramon Laguarta, during the investor meeting, requested assets to focus on the eCommerce space, pivoting their capabilities to provide products faster & improve previous services for the Post-COVID era.

That’ll be a challenging goal for PepsiCo to accomplish. The multi-billion corporation launched its first eCommerce Market for direct consumer sales, with & available today. An array of products available through PepsiCo are provided through these two sites, with the majority arriving on Marketing directors working for PepsiCo will be required to create extensive campaigns around these two sites. This’ll allow for consumers to become educated on PepsiCo’s digital market space. Millions will be spent on this marketing campaign, with no guarantee of success.

The Q3 Growth

Quarterly sales for PepsiCo throughout Q3 2020 grew by 5%, something that wasn’t anticipated during the COVID-19 era. It’s become Northern Americans & Europeans have been forced to remain indoors, and restaurants began shutting down. In return, consumers began purchasing an influx of snacks & beverages from PepsiCo. It should be noted that the Quaker Oats brand from PepsiCo grew by 6% over the third quarter of 2020.

Consumption of immediate goods via the internet are expected to continue to rise. This is evident through the growth of Quaker Porridge, Walker Crips, and Tostitos Tortilla Chips. When accounting for the beverage division of the PepsiCo Corporation, North American sales grew by 3%. Overall, this nominal growth has been enough to garner the attention of investors & approve the multi-million marketing campaign.

Ben’s Original Revealed by Mars Co.

Two products well-known by North American consumers are receiving a rebranding, which follows after considerable criticism towards these products representing racial stereotypes. It was announced by Mars Co. that their rebranding Uncle Ben’s Rice, with Quaker Oats following suit by announcing a restricting of Aunt Jemima Syrup & Pancakes. Behind both, these rebrands will be the purpose of creating employment opportunities that enable all nationalities to have an equal placement. Both Mars & Quaker Oats look towards an inclusive future.

Mars Co. has maintained Uncle Ben’s Rice for several decades without rebranding & changing the product. From now on, the Mars Company will rebrand the infamous right into “Ben’s Original”. The African American Uncle that wore bow ties won’t be represented anymore. Those involved with this rebranding determined that creating a new mascot wouldn’t be needed but will sustain the standard orange packaging not to confuse customers.

An official statement regarding the rebranding of Uncle Ben’s Original to “Ben’s Original” was issued by Fiona Dawson, the Mars Co. Global President of Multi sales & Customers. She issued that throughout several weeks they’ve listened to their stakeholders, employed associated, and thousands of consumers to gain an understanding of what’s needed. Fiona clarified by listening they’ve grown to understand the systematic inequities associated with product-based racism & have promised never to sustain a similar marketing format again.

Mars Co. became one of the initial corporations to terminate racial imagery from their products, which was an immediate response to the murder of George Floyd & Brianna Taylor. Multiple other African Americans have lost their lives during the Black Lives Matter Protests in a similar fashion to Floyd & Taylor. Largescale corporations removing racial imagery creates a more inclusive environment, which benefits systemic racism.

Other Companies Follow Suit

  • Mars Co. isn’t the exclusive corporation to terminate racial imagery in their products. Quaker Oats removed Aunt Jemima as their mascot, with the Syrup & Pancake brand being flat-out terminated.
  • Eskimo Pie Co. is rebranding & remarketing “White Grits”, knowing that it sustains a level of exclusive non-racism towards Caucasians.
  • Sporting institutions like the Washington Redskins have rebranded themselves, with the Capital’s NFL team becoming the “Washington Football Team”.

Apple Marketing Fitness in New iOS

Ever thought that smartphones could offer personalized workout information via the subscription service format? The Apple Company believes its customers have considered this idea, which comes after a similar service named Peloton, has gained notable success in recent years. Apple Fitness+ will become available upon the launch of iOS14 and will enable the health data of consumers to be collected & displayed during their workout routines.

Apple confirmed that it’s launching a product marketing campaign on Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, and TV Broadcasts. Standard commercials associated with Apple will be seen for Fitness+. This means contemporary aesthetics that focus on what life can become by subscribing to Fitness+. It also means no details on the product through Apple’s commercial.

Several nations are obtaining access to Apple’s Fitness+ subscription service by December 31st, 2020. This includes the United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and the United Kingdom. Consumers subscribing to this service will pay-out a flat $10.00/£10.00 fee for monthly access. There’s also a yearly package worth $80.00/£80.00. That’s a savings of more than $40.00/£40.00 for customers that dedicate themselves to Fitness+.

Apple won’t advertise the yearly package in its online & television product marketing campaigns. The “Apple One Services Bundle” will be primarily announced alongside Fitness+. Ads will emphasize that consumers can obtain access to Apple Arcade, Apple Music, Apple iCloud, and Apple Fitness+. There have been online complaints that this bundle doesn’t have access to Apple TV+, which costs consumers an additional $10.00 to $15.00 per month. This means that loyalists behind the Apple Ecosystem will spend upwards of $45.00 per month.

Government’s Are Fighting Back

The way that Apple manages its business operations under Tim Cook’s leadership has come into question. Steve Jobs dedicated himself towards innovating & revolutionizing technology, allowing for positive competition between all tech conglomerates. Under the direction of Steve Jobs, the Apple Company assisted Microsoft & IMB in their development cycles. With the helm now operated by Tim Cook, the chief executive officer has created multiple monopolies under the Apple branding.

Government’s worldwide are targeting Apple’s new business methods, which stifles innovation. Apple stealing Peloton’s fitness subscription service model shows that Tim Cook plans to create another monopoly under his leadership. It’ll only force the CEO to face greater fallouts with international governments.

Travis Scott Partners with McDonald’s

Corporations often require the involvement of celebrity personalities to maintain their product marketing campaigns. This is consistent with companies like Nike, Adidas, Tommy Hilfiger, Beats by Dre, and numerous others. There is one corporation that’s actively avoided the involvement of celebrity personalities for decades, with that being McDonald’s. However, that’s changed with the recent announcement of the “Order for Travis Combo” marketing campaign. McDonald’s is using the likeness of Travis Scott to obtain a large market share amongst Generation Y & Z.

The “Order of Travis” Combo became available to consumers in America on September 8th. It includes a quarter pounder with cheese, lettuce, and bacon. Side items consist of a small Sprite & medium Fry. It’ll cost consumers $6.00 to receive this meal, which includes a BBQ Sipping Sauce meant for the fries. Announcing the “Order for Travis” marketing campaign wasn’t the exclusive product release by McDonald’s on September 8th. An updated Cookie McFlurry has been added to their menu, with two additional spicy burgers also arriving for the first month of Fall.

Travis Scott was born in Houston, Texas. He rose to prominence in the music industry for his unique skillsets with rapping. His fame has crossed multiple platforms, including films & video games. He’ll now enter another sector, the fast-food market. McDonald’s employing Travis Scott marks their first celebrity personality since 1992 with Michael Jordan. It should be revealed that this is a business partnership for Travis Scott, and the rapper isn’t directly employed by McDonald’s.

Partnership Benefits

The McDonald’s Company made an order with “Cactus Jack”, the clothing brand that’s owned & operated by Travis Scott. Supporting McDonald’s locations with the “Order for Travis” combo will receive custom apparel from Cactus Jack. It’ll include the McDonald’s & Cactus Jack logos while maintaining the standard colour schemes associated with this fast-food chain. Its overall design will be notably different.

Travis Scott provided a press release through his Twitter handle. The rapper evoked his excitement towards combining the McDonald’s & Cactus Jack brands together. He noted that creating this partnership came after charity components were added into the contract. McDonald’s will donate funds acquired from the “Order for Travis” combo to BLM charities. It’s the perfect marketing campaign for both parties to stand behind America’s most prominent political movement in decades.

Waitrose Announces New Delivery Service

Consumers in the United Kingdom have faced unexpected challenges amid the COVID-19 pandemic, with corporations having to implement new services & features to assist customers through these struggling times. Since January 2020, multiple companies in the UK have introduced delivery services to sustain profit margins. The latest to follow this strategy is Waitrose & Partners, a supermarket chain that holds 5.1% market share.

Waitrose executives are looking to increase their market share & top rival brands like Tesco or Sainsbury. Growth will be sustained through their new partnership with Deliveroo, which is allowing for 500+ thousand customers to obtain “30-Minute Delivery” of their groceries. Availability for the Waitrose Delivery Service will be limited, with 500 products being supported. Consumers can select from thousands of options in their standard stores. The range of essentials includes Fruit, Meat, Vegetables, Milk, Cleaning Essentials, Snacks, and Ready-to-Made Meals.

Availability becomes more limited when learning that four Waitrose locations are being supported at launch. Waitrose & Partners maintains 338 supermarkets throughout the United Kingdom, and 65 “Little Waitrose” convenience stores. Excluding a substantial portion of the market will likely see the Waitrose-Deliveroo Service fail by January 2021. The launch date was September 1st at the Notting Hill Gate Waitrose in London, Bristol Clifton Waitrose Supermarket, Bracknell Waitrose, and Surbiton/Fitzroy Cambridge Street Waitrose.

Consumers opting for this service on September 1st to 31st will receive a 12-Week Trial. Depending on how consumers receive the trial period of three months at these four Waitrose locations, executives will permit the service rolls-out nationwide in the United Kingdom.

ED James Bailey

The Executive Director of Waitrose, James Bailey, announced the limited delivery service. He evoked that under the right conditions of expansion, Waitrose consumers will receive shopping convenience that isn’t possible elsewhere in Great Britain. James noted that partnering with Deliveroo has expanded their potential to gain new customers & expose existing to an updated platform. Executive Director Bailey believes that the flexibility associated with this shopping experience will extend its market share by 3.5%. His statements ended by confirming that Waitrose is ending their 18-Year partnership with Ocado to sign with Deliveroo.

Coca Cola Donates $1.5 Million to NRAEF

Supporting future generations of restaurant workforces isn’t something often considered in the United States, even though fast food employed personnel are responsible for feeding a large percentage of the nation. There’s been one corporation that understands the importance behind hospitality, and future generations that have careers in all variations of the industry. This company is Coca-Cola, which has donated to the “National Restaurant Association Educational Foundation” for eighteen years. That timeframe extends by an additional year with the announcement that the Coca-Cola company has donated $1.5 Million to the NRAEF.

“ProStart from Coca-Cola” is the primary attribute that allows the NRAEF to receive yearly contributions from the world’s largest beverage provider. The 2020 donations given by Coca-Cola will enable 150 thousand high school students to obtain careers in restaurant management, and various other sectors of the culinary arts. “ProStart from Coca-Cola” is a pivotal marketing campaign held year by the corporation, with $100,000.00 donated in scholarships through the National ProStart Invitational. It’s considered the American Olympics of academics.

There are notable differences between the Coca-Cola ProStart Invitational for 2020. The COVID-19 Pandemic forced organizers to re-evaluate how the event is approached. Methods like virtual coaching sessions were implemented, with high school students displaying their skillsets via videoconference for prizes & scholarships. Details on which students have received scholarships from Coca-Cola haven’t been revealed yet, with consideration of winners still being discussed.

It should be mentioned that the Coca-Cola Company donated to the National Restaurant Association Educational Foundation earlier in 2020. $21.5 Million was awarded to the NRAEFs Restaurant Employee Relief Funds, which allowed for personnel in the food hospitality industry to receive temporary financial aid. That aid was minimal at $500.00 per application.

NRAEFs Gratitude

When questioned on the donations made by Coca-Cola, the NRAEF President evoked that their partnership with Coke has benefited thousands since 2002. It’s allowed young individuals to pursue their future in the culinary arts, which Rob Gifford says is unforgettable. President Gifford also mentioned that Coca-Cola is remarkable for assisting young restaurant managers & employed workforces during economic hardships. He’d end his sentiments by clarifying his excitement to continue working with the Coca-Cola Company & creating new leaders for the hospitality industry of tomorrow.

Huggies Launches New Marketing Strategy

The Kimberly-Clark Company is looking to expand its product range to new-age groups. KCC is employing a new marketing strategy for Huggies, which comes after sales increased throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. Kimberly-Clark wants to become a more consistent brand for families, creating products that cater beyond newborns & toddlers. Huggies will now support young children through some of their most critical growing periods.

An influx of sales came for Kimberly-Clark between January to July in 2020. Families that usually wouldn’t purchase a stockpile of Baby Wipes, Diapers, Training Pants, and Pull-Ups. Huggies wasn’t the exclusive brand under the Kimberly-Clark banner that saw an increase in sales, with Andrex also seeing growing profits with Toiler Paper & Household products. It’s these two attributes that have prompted KCC into solidifying their investment behind Huggies & Andrex.

The Marketing Director for Kimberly-Clark UK Division, Matt Stone, clarified that growing these brands will also mean increasing the premium quality of their products. Huggies wants to display a perception of value onto consumers, an ideal that Kimberly-Clark believes is necessary for continued growth. Matt Stone also evoked costs for upcoming products are accessible for average families, allowing for consumers to think in the Huggies brand.

Huggies updated marketing strategies separate their products into two categories, with the 1st being “Pre-Training” & the 2nd being “Training”. These categories apply towards children that are about to start using potty toilets and eventually move towards the full usage of bathrooms. Matt Store emphasizes that Huggies upcoming products are meant to allow children to explore these moments without any concerns, while parents can watch freely knowing there’ll be no mess. Huggies hopes that the difficult journey of training children to use bathrooms will be lowered through their upcoming products.

The Explorers

Huggies upcoming product is named “Pull-Up Explorers”. Children that haven’t been fully potty trained are more capable of moving freely in these enhanced Pull-Ups. Huggies has notable confidence behind their new product, confirming that the marketing campaign is costing millions of pounds. Another proud achievement came in producing the commercial, which was shot amongst fifteen photographers & their children. Shooting this commercial occurred during the COVID-19 pandemic, which is why all shots are located in the backyards or local parks of these photographers. It’s a unique concept to introduce the “Huggies Pull-Up Explorers.”