Part 2 on Social Media Platforms and How It Can Benefit Your Business

Social media can be a powerful tool in your box of tricks on marketing your business successfully. The list of possibilities is quite extensive. Hence part two follows on our previous discussion on the various forms of social media and how you can use them beneficially in your business.

Blogging and Publishing Networks for Effective Content Sharing

The names you probably know are WordPress, Tumblr and possibly Medium. The primary purpose of these networks is to publish work, to discover new ideas and to comment or be commented upon through your online following. Sharing content is a precious marketing strategy since it is bound to engage your audience and hence assist with brand building. Effective brand building results in new leads, which then generate sales. These can either be done in a more large format of blogging as in WordPress or through microblogging as with Tumblr. Both are, however allowing your audience to be interactive and you to engage with them and to build a relationship.

Shopping Networks – Discovering the Latest Trends

On these networks, you can stay up to date with the latest trends, follow brands to see what they are up to and share great ideas and finds. Once again, these offer a perfect opportunity to create brand awareness and expand your field of engagement. Etsy, Fancy and Polyvore are only some of these channels through which social shopping becomes an engaging task with a significant social element intertwined within. Social shopping networks are high, for it allows users to integrate their social experiences with their shopping experiences. It is also a great foundation to sell your product from.

Sharing Space With Like-minded People On Interest-based Networks

In these networks, people with shared interest connect. Goodreads and Houzz are great examples of systems of people devoted to specific items or topics. If the items or services you deliver falls into these categories, it goes without saying that you need to be an active participant on these networks. Here you can easily engage with an audience who already are inclined towards what you are delivering and build your brand.

Networks for Sharing Economy

These are straightforward with the intent to buy, sell, swap, share, trade or advertise. Uber, Airbnb and Taskrabbit fall into this category. This can be utilized as an active channel to harness an income from if your product or service falls into the description of this category. You will be able to find many sites which can be defined as “collaborating economy networks” for specific topics, whether it is for home-cooked meals or the service of dogsitting.

Staying Anonymous While Spreading the Word

Anonymous social networks are here to gossip or snoop, sometimes to vent and even to bully. Whisper, After School and are all examples of unidentified systems. These are the ones where you do not want to feature, be mentioned in or be part of. The best way these will serve your needs is to stay clear from them at all times.