Plan Options with Shopify

Previously we have discovered why selling your products and services online is vital in the modern world we live and as well as how Shopify can help you to make this happen. Today we are delving deeper into the nitty-gritty aspects of the practical side as well as what would be the different options available to you.

It has been previously mentioned that Shopify Lite starts around $9 per month. Although this plan doesn’t allow you to create a fully functional store, it answers the needs of many users. What it does allow for is that it enables you to sell your products via your business’s Facebook page. It also allows you to manage your inventory and sell goods at your physical location, and it gives you access to a Buy Button on your current webpage or blog.

The Basic Shopify plan is priced at $29 per month, the Shopify plan is $79 monthly, and the Advanced Shopify plan is priced at $299 every month. These will all enable you to set up a fully functional online store. The significant differences between these plans, as well as the determining factor in your choice on policy, are based on the different capabilities which each program offers. For example, the $79 plan is the only one that delivers on professional reporting.

Further variances are nestled in the advanced reporting tools. This is only available on the Advanced and Shopify Plus plans. Gift cards are only on the $79 plan, while real-time carrier shipping is only found in the most expensive policy. Another determining factor would be the number of staff that you need to have access to your account. With the Basic plan, you can only allow two staff accounts, five accounts on the Shopify plan and 15 on the Advanced Plan.

Shopify Plus & Templates

This plan is the version utilized by large scale enterprises, and it includes all the much-needed main features which big corporations would require. This includes API support, advanced security features, guaranteed server uptime, etc. Even though this can be a relatively expensive plan, it is not usually the one required by small and medium enterprises. It is also worth mentioning that Shopify’s pricing structure is highly competitive with other suppliers in the market, although besides, users are guaranteed to work with a trustworthy and respected name in the industry.

Shopify delivers on ten different free e-commerce templates or themes which can be used each with different variants which can thus result in many slightly different designs. Since they are responsive, they are adaptable to many various platforms. Except for the free templates, the user can also find many priced themes in the theme store. These would enable the user to create a unique online store fitted for their product. Hence when you found the right plan to suit your needs, the rest is as easy as can be with your trusted partner in the industry.