PlayStation5 Advertised in UK Underground

Advertising campaigns revolving around international product releases are often unique, which was proven worldwide with Sony’s PlayStation5. November 12th & November 19th marked the official release dates for the PS5, with Sony Computer Entertainment introducing a notable marketing campaign to correlation with the PlayStation5’s launch. Sony located unique venues in Toronto, Hong Kong, New York, London, and Melbourne. Those locations were altered to represent PS5s branding.

Princess Gate in Toronto was lite in the iconic “PlayStation Blue” & showcased the PS5 logo. Similar methods were implored in London, England. Travellers on the London Underground noticed that four entrances had been altered to correlate with PS5 releasing in England on November 19th.

Three of the four primary entrances to “Oxford Circus Underground Station” had its signs lighting altered to correlate with PS5s controller symbols. Billboard advertisements were located behind those entrance signs, enabling travellers to understand that PlayStation is back again to play & dominate the next generation of consoles.

The Square, Cross, and Triangle symbols on PlayStation’s controller were depicted across Oxford’s entrance signs. Colour alterations saw the Square becoming Purple, Triangle changed to Green, and Cross turning Blue. “Oxford Circus Underground Station” showcased the final symbol on PlayStation’s controller on the fourth entrance, which saw the Circle continued to be displayed in Red. Standardly, Oxford entrance signs are coloured red.

Gamers in Great Britain & London have adored the publicity stunt sustained by PlayStation. Thousands of travellers throughout the London Underground posted photographs on Instagram & Twitter, making this advertising campaign go viral within hours of Oxford changing the entrance signs. Individuals leaving the “Oxford Circus Underground Station” would walk less than 500m before reaching the UK Sony Headquarters, where additional advertising for the PlayStation5 could be seen.

AJ Wells & Sons

Sony Computer Entertainment released details regarding this advertising campaign. It was noted that three entrances at “Oxford Circus Underground Station” had their red-circular signs removed, with replacements being formatted when train routes were closed on November 18th. AJ Wells & Sons from Newport, England manufactured these signs for Sony. The Square, triangle, and cross were constructed forty-eight hours before the advertising campaign began. Sony thanks AJ Wells & Sons for their prompt work.