Schedule Posts on Instagram with Later

Unlike Facebook, Instagram doesn’t inherently offer the feature to schedule posts for publishing later on. Yet countless businesses do use Instagram as a platform for social media marketing, and thus, it can be a challenge to get your Instagram campaign to feature at the times which you want it to be posted. Later offers the solution to this challenge with easy and straightforward installation and application.

Details about Later

Later has been around since 2014 and their head office is based in Canada. It is a cloud-based platform that is useful in assisting with managing, scheduling and planning the visual elements of your social media campaign in the form of Instagram posts. It has been created with a focus on businesses of any size. Not only does it allow users to schedule posts, but jobs can also be reposted from Later, effortlessly.

How It Works

Later works are slightly different than other applications often used like Hootsuite or the schedule function available on Facebook, for example. Later allows you to prepare your post and make sure that it is ready for publishing. Then once the set time arrives for your post to be posted, you will receive a ping from the app to remind you that your post needs to be published. You can then publish the post with the push of one button.

Advantages of Using Later

Later offers a free version which will allow you to make 30 posts per month. If this is, however not enough to convey the entire substance of your marketing campaign, then you can upgrade and will be charged about $9 per month, which is still very reasonable. They also offer the incentive that if you refer someone to the app, then both of you will receive an added ten posts per month completely free of charge.

Easy To Use Interface

Once you have downloaded the application onto your device and made a link with your Instagram account, which is all easy to do, then you can start uploading images. Select from your images which ones need to be posted, add your captions and schedule at what time would you like your posts to be published. The interface can hardly be any more straightforward, and the entire process is super easy. Once the clock has reached the scheduled time slot, you will receive a text message reminding you that the post must be published. Open up the letter and your post will appear, ready to send it in to the full world. Press release, and it goes straight away into your feed on Instagram.

Also Applicable to Other Social Media Platforms

Later is predominantly linked with Instagram since it has been developed to overcome the challenge of scheduling posts on Instagram, but it has a broader array of uses except for Instagram and can also be used to schedule posts on Facebook and Pinterest. Scheduling on Instagram is a challenge. Later in the solution.