SEO and Keyword Research

It all starts by typing words into a search box. One of the most valuable, important, and high return activities when it comes to the search marketing field is keyword research. Deciding on the right keywords can either break or make your site. By researching the keyword demand for your market, you not only understand which phrases and terms to target when it comes to SEO, but you’ll also understand more about your customers overall.

It’s not about attracting visitors to your website, but about attracting the right kind of visitors. Usefulness of keyword research cannot be overstated. By doing keyword research, you can successfully predict a demanding shift, respond to alternating conditions in the market, and provide the services, products, and content web searchers are seeking actively. There has never been such a low barrier in the history of marketing to understand the motives of consumers in any niche.

Judging the Value of Keywords

What is the value of a keyword on your site? Let’s say you own a shoe store online. Do you make more sales from customers searching for “black boots” or “brown shoes”? The keywords that customers use when searching for something via search engines is usually available to site owners and, and with keyword research tools, it will allow you to find this information easily. Unfortunately, these keyword research tools are unable to indicate how to value it actually is to receive traffic from customer searches. To completely understand the value behind a keyword, you’ll need to understand your own site, make various hypothesis, test it, and repeat. This is the classic formula for web marketing.

Basic Process of Keyword Value Assessment

Ask yourself if the keyword you are using is relevant to the content of your site. Will customers or consumers be able to find what they are searching for on your website when they search the web with the keywords you included? Will they be satisfied with what they find? Can this result in financial income or other goals you set for yourself and the site? Only if the answer to all these questions is “Yes” will you be able to proceed.

Understanding the sites that have already been ranked with your keyword will give you vital information into your site’s competition. It will also give you insight into how hard it will be to rank your own site on the given keyword. You will also need to find out if the search advertisements are running along the right-hand side or the top of the organic results. Usually, most search ads come with a high-value keyword, and several search ads situated above the organic results usually means a directly conversion-prone and highly lucrative keyword.

You can also purchase a sample campaign for your keyword at Bing AdCenter or Google AdWords. If your site doesn’t rank with your keyword, you can purchase traffic to understand how well it actually converts. Simply choose “exact match” in Google AdWords and point the traffic to the specific page on your site.