SEO for 2019

If you’re involved with website development or any other form of online work, you’ll be familiar with the incredible movements Google has made in the past. Not specifically as a company, but rather how amazingly easy they’ve made it to find websites and things around you with the simplest searches.

They are always discovering the latest ways to help you discover more, which doesn’t only relate to website keywords and phrases like it did five years ago, but now also includes many other features such as AI and more.

If you own a website, this is great news for you as Google would make it easier for everyone to find your business. However, if you’re out of date and you’ve simply focused on nothing but stuffing the site with keywords, chances are, you’ll soon be bumped down in ranking as your competition updates their sites to include the latest features.

Fill in your Local Details

The location service is brilliant for those seeking business in a specific area. Those of you who operate within a particular area or if you have a retail store, this is by far the most important. Even if you down have a website, be sure to tell Google about your business as they’ll show people looking for similar items or services that you have what they need.

If you have a website, it just becomes even easier as you can link your website to Google’s top-page local pack and direct people nearby to your site and they can see what’s on offer. Google would also include more information about the services available, and people can even share pictures from your store, allowing everyone to see the products you have available.

Get on Mobile

Did you know more than half of Google’s traffic comes from mobile devices? Well, it’s true and perfectly explains why the company favours websites that have mobile sites.

The feature has been around for a long time now, but if you’re still not on mobile, it’s about time you make the switch. And no, we don’t mean having one of those pages that load the PC view on the smartphone screen, that’s not a mobile site.

A mobile site works with HTML5 software and has been optimised to rearrange the menu options, content and even adjust the pictures of the website to suit smartphones and tablets flawlessly. These sites make it a lot easier for people to use your services and to navigate around while on the move.

Mobile websites also have faster ping speeds, load pages a lot quicker and provide a decreased bounce rate, all terms Google gets excited about!

Get with Video

Video content is taking over, and it’s said that by 2021, over 85% of all online content would be video. So, if you don’t have a company video just yet, it’s about time you get with it and allow your clients to sit back and watch what you have to offer.

You don’t need the whole YouTube channel and all for videos unless you’re hoping to make money from it. Instead, you can simply load a video to your website and allow your visitors to learn what you’re all about.