Sharing Information

If you haven’t heard about Monday before, it is probably because it used to be called daPulse. Hence Monday is the name for an established and much-trusted name as a top-ranked communication and collaboration application. Monday offers users a hub where team players can make decisions and collaborate effectively. The app won the Great User Experience Award as well as the Supreme Software, Expert’s Choice awards in 2018

Creating Solutions

When based in a large company with many different departments working on the same project, or when you have many remote employees collaborating, there must be a hub where they can communicate and keep updated on the project’s progress. That is what Monday will bring to your working environment. Whether off-site or just scattered over a large office block, this is the one place where all involved can go, tasks can be assigned, progress can be monitored and modifications made. Completed sections can be shared with other members for feedback, and the workflow can be followed within one glance.

In addition to this, the interface of Monday is easy to customize to your specific needs. Different columns, headings and stages of the project can be highlighted, and these can all be adapted to your working requirements.

The Benefits

Monday compares very favourably with other alternatives in the marketplace. It took the brilliant foundation which it inherited from daPulse as a successful collaborations platform and enhanced it even further. One of the appreciated features which it delivers is the option between private or shared work boards. This way, you can keep track of your progress in your task management. While mainboard feature offers an excellent overview of all projects in development. From there it can be split into smaller divisions. Parties who aren’t involved in the working process, but yet have an interest in monitoring the progress, can be invited to observe.

Collaboration is simplified. It offers the options to ask questions, gives answers, makes comments and starts discussions. It also provides a secure partnership with some major media platforms, including Facebook and Twitter. Various file types can be uploaded from these platforms, and following ongoing feeds on these platforms have also been simplified.

Another great feature which it offers is the reporting and analytics features. The platform offers various ways to collect data and to relate multiple projects’ historically data to each other. Spreadsheet reflecting these data are updated daily to always deliver on the latest results. Integration is also made simple, and it is easy to integrate with many software systems. Dropbox, Google Drive and Zapier are only some of the methods which connect with Monday for fast and efficient integration.

Monday is a brilliant solution in your office and can save a lot of time usually wasted on meetings to collaborate or brainstorm. With Monday, so much more can be done quickly and effortlessly, even if some of the team members are remotely situated. A brilliant solution to make your Monday’s less blue.