Social Media Business Benefits P1

Most people know that the largest social network is Facebook and the most significant media sharing sites are Instagram and YouTube. There are, however, many more on the list, and each of them can contribute uniquely to your business’s needs.

Social Networks and Expanding Your Influence

Examples of social networks are probably the best known so-called household names. Under this category, you will find Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter. The primary purpose of these networks is to connect. Not only with other people but also with other brands. These relationships are sometimes only online-based and often even more on a personal level. They are beneficial in numerous ways. Through social networks, you can expand your brand awareness, do market research and build relationships. Even customer services and lead generation can be harnessed from applying social networks successfully in your business.

Media Sharing Networks to Create Brand Awareness

Media sharing networks are being utilized to share video content, ideas, photo’s, live videos and other forms of online media. They include names like YouTube, Snapchat and Instagram. Media sharing networks are optimally used to engage your audience, generate leads, create your brand awareness and to share content. What defines media sharing networks from social networks is that the core of these networks remains the sharing of media and although many social networks also allow for media sharing and live feeds, it isn’t the core defining them.

Discussion Forums Bringing You a Wealth of Market Research

Discussion forums are probably one of the first forms of social media, and they centre around the need to share ideas, information, news and opinions. These are the places where questions can be asked, and comments can be left. This also forms the foundation of their existence. Here you will recognize names like Reddit, Quora and Digg. They are brilliant tools to use in your business to do some market research, and they can even be used to advertise your business to a certain degree.

Creating Content through Bookmarking Networks

Content curation and bookmarking networks are places where people share, save, discuss and discover ideas and trends. They include Pinterest and Flipboard, and they can be highly effective in your marketing campaign to create customer engagement and website traffic. By using these effectively, you can create significant brand awareness and help interested people to find your business. These sites usually are places of creativity. It also leaves users with easy bookmarking to keep track of fields of interest. You can benefit from bookmarking friendly platforms through optimized headlines when you share content in blogs and your website.

Getting Great Reviews on Consumer Review Boards

Sometimes a business’s worst nightmare, but it can also be a valuable friend. Customers go to these boards to air their unhappiness or to sing songs of praise. These sites include Zomato, Yelp and TripAdvisor. Great reviews on these will be very beneficial to you, and it can also be a way to deal professionally with unhappy clients. These sites can be a true reflection of your business.