Social Media Companies Fight POTUS After Congress Meeting

The President of the United States if facing a never-ending battle with social media corporations like Facebook & Twitter. This follows after Donald Trump began targeting these companies through Congresses House of Representatives. What has come afterwards is an onslaught of removed posts from President Trump, showing that Facebook & Twitter are fighting back.

The most recent post removed by Facebook from President Donald Trump was false information regarding COVID-19. The post centred around an interview that Trump gave on August 5th with Fox News, where he indicated that a specific area of America saw its population immune from COVID-19. Nowhere worldwide is there anyone immune from COVID-19. Facebook noted that the post violated core policies regarding misinformation and that it won’t be tolerated on any level.

Another post from President Trump on Facebook suggested that children were immune from COVID-19 & couldn’t pass it on to adults. That is inaccurate scientific information that was listed to assist Trump in his explanation for reopening schools, something most have considered the most horrific act of POTUS’s 4-Year Reign.

Twitter’s Removal

Facebook wasn’t the exclusive platform to terminate President Trump’s post, with Twitter also announcing that the Fox News Interview regarding children being immune & an unknown sector of America maintaining immunity was forced into removal. Twitter’s aspect of removing this post directly affected Donald Trump, making POTOS delete the post before being permitted to use the platform again. This means that Twitter forced the President of America to recognize his failures for a short moment.

President Donald Trump & his Administration compiled after Twitter released a formal statement regarding this order. Most were expecting Donald Trump to target Twitter’s CEO in the following post, which was surprisingly avoided by POTUS. However, social media analysts anticipate that Jack Dorsey will be targeted next by Congress for his actions.

Why is Trump Attacking Social Media Companies?

The President of the United States has forced Congress into eliminating data collection capabilities for social media platforms like TikTok, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. That’s because Donald Trump wants American Intelligence Agencies to have full Reign over data collection, similar to the Chinese Communist Party. It’s the standard hypocrisy associated with Trump.