Social Media Post Lengths

Are you often unsure of how much you need to say on your social media posts? Saying too much might let your readers lose interest and saying too little can mean that you don’t engage them at all. Add to that confusion, the fact that every kind of media platform allows only a certain amount of words. We shall now explore what is the optimal word count for several of the most popular social media platforms, to achieve maximum punching power from your posts.


The leading platform for social media marketers globally. With more than a billion users, it is no surprise that Facebook is the largest social media platform available to you. Hence how do you optimize on access to this worldwide audience? Facebook offers a variety of different posting kinds. The list is quite daunting when one starts to add them up. Events, statuses, posts and ads are only a few of the options you have. Facebook posts can be up to 63 206 characters long, but then nobody will read it. Experts indicated that the perfect length for Facebook posts is in the area between 40 and 50 characters, with 40 being the sweet spot for maximum exposure and no more than 50. The only challenge now is saying what you need to say in 50 or fewer characters.


Twitter has always been much stingier on its character count. Only recently, they have increased their limit from 140 characters to 280. Hence pictures are here the perfect solution to speak the 1000 words which you won’t be able to include in your tweet. Video is another great alternative, which doesn’t affect your character count. Take note that indirect messages you are allowed to explain yourself within 10 000 characters.


Since Instagram is considered to be a media-centric social platform, you are strongly urged to focus here on visual media to convey your message. A great caption of no more than 2 200 characters is allowed. For a striking impression, it is suggested that you still stick to the shorter version of only 125 styles for your caption rather than the lengthy 2 200. Instagram is also very favourable towards hashtags and allows up to 30 per post, but once again, less is more, and the suggested number of hashtags are around 11 per post.


LinkedIn sets itself apart from the other social media platforms in the sense that it is conveying the image that it is professional. Users are also allowed to post within a variety of different kinds of content, including statuses, blog posts and videos. LinkedIn allows for 700 characters, but the see more button gets inserted at 140 characters and the remainder will be hidden. Hence be sure to say what you need to say within the first 140 characters. On blog posts, they don’t limit the characters at all, but the rumour has it that at 120 000 they will cut your message short.