The Best Apps on Android For Your Business

The selection of applications available to assist you in running your business is daunting. Your pick of these apps will depend on various factors, including the size of your business, the structure, the purpose which you need to be fulfilled and the industry in which you are. Hence there are a couple of trustworthy names, and they are all available on Android. Being involved in a small to medium-sized business, these will probably be of much assistance to you.

Creating To-do Lists with Asana

Asana varies in price from being offered free of charge to a $9.99 per month premium. It is allowing easy and effortless task assignment to various people within your business. It provides the option of leaving comments, you can assign tasks to individuals or groups, and you have the option of multiple subsections to add. For up to 15 people on your team, Asana offers solutions free of charge.

Scanning in On CamScanner

CamScanner can also be used free of charge, or you can pay a monthly premium of $4.99 or an annual dividend of $49.99. CamScanner allows you to turn your phone into an office set-up by transforming your camera into a scanner. This is very helpful if you need to create pdf documents on the go. The app even allows for easy sharing and sending of faxes. This can be very helpful if you often deal with materials which need to be shared electronically.

Getting Paid with Paypal

PayPal is the means of choice to many small and medium-sized businesses to make payments and to manage invoices and other transactions. Sometimes it is even used to pay employees and is especially well-known in industries where employees are working remotely. Business accounts in Paypal make transfers easy and secure. They offer fingerprint support and checking on your balances are easy and quick. Fees on PayPal might vary, but a large part of it is provided free of charge.

Chat Through Slack

Slack is a chat app which was developed with a specific focus on the working environment. It offers a simple interface, conference call ability, easy sharing of documents and multiple channels to use. Slack is easily integrated with various other apps and website. Pant is one of the few apps which isn’t mainly focused on the small and medium-sized businesses but can also be very helpful within much more giant corporations. Slack has a free option. Alternatively, the paid version varies in price between $6.67 – $12.50 monthly.

Getting Paid Through Square Point of Sale

Square Register is an application which performs like a cash register for small and mobile businesses. It is a point of sale system which comes with an essential magnetic stripe reader. The most basic strip is supplied, but much better solutions are available at a fee. It allows customers to swipe their cards to complete transactions on the go. Square takes their cut of 2.5% of every purchase, but otherwise, you don’t have any upfront payments to make. An easy way of doing business on the go.