The Best Web Development Courses for Beginners

Perhaps you want to build a website from the ground up, or you simply want to venture into the world of web development and you searching for an introduction to coding, or you want to stay a few steps ahead of a hacker. Whatever the reason, here are some of the best resources to assist you in getting started. Below, you will find the best web development tutorials and courses for beginners.

1. Codecademy

This is essentially a university course, but you’ll be in control of where and when your classes occur. The beginners web development course at Codecademy provides the basics on CSS and HTML and offers various projects throughout the course for you to practice. Once you have a better understanding on the basics, you can also venture into more advanced courses that cover Python, JavaScript, and PHP.

2. HTML Dog’s Beginner HTML Guide

These tutorials aren’t as flashy as those at Codecademy, but they are just as useful. The tutorials at HTML Dog are easy-to-follow and straightforward that perfectly covers the fundamentals of HTML. You will also find beginner courses on JavaScript and CSS on the site if you’re more interested in learning something other than HTML.

3. Ruby on Rails

Considered the most popular framework when it comes to web development and based on the Ruby language, Ruby on Rails powers GitHub, Twitter, and Basecamp just to mention a few. If you are someone that’s interested in creating your own web app, we highly suggest browsing through the useful tutorials on the site. You can even learn everything there is to know about web application development.

4. Mozilla Developer Network

These incredible tutorials are brought to you by the people behind the Firefox browser and offer a wide range of web development courses aimed towards beginners and experienced web developers. You’ll find tutorials on JavaScript, CSS, and HTML.

5. PHP 101 for Beginners

This immensely popular scripting language is certainly here to stay and has been used on a wide range of websites when it comes to server-side programming. If you are someone that would love to learn it, you can’t go wrong with the free tutorials from Zend. They are extremely easy to understand, allowing you to write code in no time.

6. GitHub for Beginners

GitHub is the ultimate tool when it comes to software development projects. If you have a desire to work in web development, GitHub is an absolute must. The tutorials offered on the site will provide everything you need to know to ensure your networking site operates smoothly and like the name suggests, it’s aimed towards beginners that doesn’t have any prior knowledge of programming or web development.

7. Beginner Coding Pitfalls

Once you are comfortable with your preferred web development frameworks, you should read this tutorial from the Tuts+ team. Their article essentially outlines some of the most popular mistakes that are made by beginners when it comes to programming. You’ll find insight into PHP, JavaScript, and Ruby issues, making it a must-read for everyone that’s just starting out.