The Hall of Shame in Software Solutions

There are many excellent software solutions available to make life easy and business running smooth. The options are regularly discussed here, and the user has a variety to choose from. Great solutions are even available within a single business need, whether it is marketing, project management or bookkeeping. There are, however, many software creations from days gone by which imprinted terrible memories on everyone who ever had to struggle through the day after a frustrating day. Let’s look at some of the great achievers in the software Hall of Shame.

Norton Antivirus

There was a stage when it seemed that every office PC had a copy of this antivirus software created by Symantec installed to protect the valuable data from nasty virus infections. Norton had the cringing habit of almost bringing your computer’s operating speed to a halt. It scanned every hook and cranny and every thread of data on your PC and that required significant resources. PC’s weren’t as strong back then as they are today, but anybody whoever had to take a forced coffee break thanks to Norton, will know the frustration. Since those days, Norton did indeed address the issue, and this is not the case anymore.

Internet Explorer 6

Internet Explorer 6 could be compared to a smudge right in front of the driver’s view on a brilliantly shiny windscreen. Microsoft refused to update for many years, and when IE6 was launched, it was only breaking the websites it came in contact with. This left many internet users in a state of vulnerability to many unpleasantries which are hidden online. An all-time low in the history of Microsoft.

Microsoft Word

Thank goodness for improvements and valuable updates. Since there were times when Microsoft Word was an annoying little brother causing loads of frustration and low results. Those were the days when it was still considered relatively complicated, but they had a solution. A poorly designed little paperclip icon would dance over your screen with all sorts of answers to your problems. If that weren’t enough, it would send your hard work in .docx format, which almost nobody was able to open up. Rather pointless to deliver some work of greatness going completely underappreciated due to lack of access.

Final Cut Pro X

Making movies can be fun; it can be used to create a marketing masterpiece. It was, however, also a nightmare if you dared to use this movie editing software from Apple. This managed to upset even the pros in video editing. The software was lacking many features, and its lack of compatibility was frustrating.

Adobe Reader

Pdf documents are one of those essentials which you can’t get by without. It has been like this for a long time already. Once upon a time, you had to download a massive 69MB version to be able to open and read your pdf documents. If this wasn’t enough, once installed it would create its shortcut on your desktop and keep on screaming for attention. Annoyance deluxe.