The McLaren One+ Concept Phone Features

The Shenzhen Company produces one of the highest-sold handset series in North American and Europe, the OnePlus. January 8th marked the announcement that their manufacturing a third iteration of the Limited Edition McLaren OnePlus. The 3rd model will be showcased at the 2020 Consumers Electronics Show. Shenzhen provided photographic evidence on the limited edition model, where direct resemblance towards the McLaren 720S was displayed. It’s known that physically this handset will support a unique design, with bright orange leather appearing on the backside. The phone’s chassis includes Gold Plating, which as been Vaporized to provide an anodized grip. An additional component that’s being widely covered in the electrochromic glass, which is maintained on the rear camera.

Design Components

The McLaren F1 Team have assisted OnePlus with the development of the limited edition, where Lando Norris provided insight on what features this phone should offer for customer acquisition. The McLaren Corporation helped as well, supplying Shenzhen with large quantities of orange leather. It shouldn’t be surprising that the OnePlus is creating a specialized finish for this limited edition, Previous finished include Kevlar, Bamboo, Alcantara, Wood, Ceramic and Frosted Glass. This also isn’t the first time that Shenzhen has used premium leather with a OnePlus product.

One feature that’s receiving attention is the electrochromic glass for the rear camera. This technology took a considerable level of in-house development, with Shenzhen trying to mimic the McLaren sunroof. Subsequently, owners of the future handset can hide the three-piece camera modular with this technology-assisted glass. It will make the camera units transparent and opaque, making it nearly impossible to view in any light source. However, it should be noted that this technology hasn’t ever been used with a smartphone and could backfire after prolonged usage.

The frame-chassis of a mobile phone is a significant component, as it holds everything in place. The OnePlus McLaren – 3rd edition is implementing an aluminium alloy frame, which has been vaporized for a gradient texture and then plated with a gold finish. This creates a luxurious feeling, with this product being available to select consumers worldwide. Anybody wanting to purchase this handset will be looking at costs upwards of $2,000.00. We recommend that potential buyers compile extensive research before making a finalized decision on the OnePlus McLaren – 3rd Edition. Consumers will receive Android Ten, with full access to Google’s applications and services. The official announcement will come following the 2020 Consumers Electronics Show.