TikTok Shuts Down Chinese Servers

The Hong Kong region is facing significant changes to their ecosystem, with the Chinese Government working with local politicians to enact a new security law. This legislation was approved over the July 3rd weekend, turning Hong Kong from a democracy into a communist regime. It’s prompted significant concern amongst the international community, with Hong Kong holding formidable connections in the financial & retail industries.

Labelled a Draconian Security Law, those fined under the stipulated provisions will face significant odds against them. Implemented requirements included Crimes of Terrorism, Subversion, Collusion, and Secession with Chinese/Hong Kong forces punishable by a life sentence. Chinese Life Sentences are sustained until the day that convict dies; it doesn’t apply for twenty-five years as seen in democratic nations.

What is considered terrorism by the Chinese Communist Party is concerning, with the damaging of public facilities & transportation services being deemed a terrorist act. Ensuring that criminals are prosecuted for demanding freedom in their nation, Beijing is building a Hong Kong Security Headquarters. Those found guilty will be moved to mainland China, indited by a Chinese Judge, and sent to prison or a labour camp. Either or are deadly.

International Corporations Opposing China

Companies worldwide have promised to stop operations in the Hong Kong region, which is consistent with their policies against China. Social media services like Twitter & Telegram have vowed to shut down their servers, with corporations like Facebook stating they’ll oblige data requests from the Chinese Government. This means there’s the potential for North American & European Facebook User Data to be collected by Chinese Government Officials. However, Users would’ve had to engage with someone on the platform in Hong Kong to meet the factors associated with Chinese data requests.

Then there is the widely used & popular social media application known as TikTok. The Chinese-owned corporation of ByteDance manages this teenage-themed application. They’re claiming that their Hong Kong Servers & operations of TikTok will be terminated effective immediately. However, Chinese companies refusing to abide by the new security laws implemented by the CCP would allow for these sentiments to become a reality. TikTok Executives would face identical punishments if found unwilling to comply with CCP Data Requests. Subsequently, North American & European Governments are considering banning TikTok from their borders. This comes as multiple nations fight against the Chinese Communist Party & their efforts for global control.