Travis Scott Partners with McDonald’s

Corporations often require the involvement of celebrity personalities to maintain their product marketing campaigns. This is consistent with companies like Nike, Adidas, Tommy Hilfiger, Beats by Dre, and numerous others. There is one corporation that’s actively avoided the involvement of celebrity personalities for decades, with that being McDonald’s. However, that’s changed with the recent announcement of the “Order for Travis Combo” marketing campaign. McDonald’s is using the likeness of Travis Scott to obtain a large market share amongst Generation Y & Z.

The “Order of Travis” Combo became available to consumers in America on September 8th. It includes a quarter pounder with cheese, lettuce, and bacon. Side items consist of a small Sprite & medium Fry. It’ll cost consumers $6.00 to receive this meal, which includes a BBQ Sipping Sauce meant for the fries. Announcing the “Order for Travis” marketing campaign wasn’t the exclusive product release by McDonald’s on September 8th. An updated Cookie McFlurry has been added to their menu, with two additional spicy burgers also arriving for the first month of Fall.

Travis Scott was born in Houston, Texas. He rose to prominence in the music industry for his unique skillsets with rapping. His fame has crossed multiple platforms, including films & video games. He’ll now enter another sector, the fast-food market. McDonald’s employing Travis Scott marks their first celebrity personality since 1992 with Michael Jordan. It should be revealed that this is a business partnership for Travis Scott, and the rapper isn’t directly employed by McDonald’s.

Partnership Benefits

The McDonald’s Company made an order with “Cactus Jack”, the clothing brand that’s owned & operated by Travis Scott. Supporting McDonald’s locations with the “Order for Travis” combo will receive custom apparel from Cactus Jack. It’ll include the McDonald’s & Cactus Jack logos while maintaining the standard colour schemes associated with this fast-food chain. Its overall design will be notably different.

Travis Scott provided a press release through his Twitter handle. The rapper evoked his excitement towards combining the McDonald’s & Cactus Jack brands together. He noted that creating this partnership came after charity components were added into the contract. McDonald’s will donate funds acquired from the “Order for Travis” combo to BLM charities. It’s the perfect marketing campaign for both parties to stand behind America’s most prominent political movement in decades.