Trello, a Magical Wand in Project Managment

Project management can be a vital part of your business’s successful functioning. With team members scattered all over the globe in a technologically advanced world, it is important to have a spot where assignments can be posted, tracked and updated. This is exactly what Trello offers users in a lightweight user-friendly format. A place to collaborate, see progress, follow-up, complete and have some fun while doing it.

In a Nutshell

Trello is easy to use and makes collaboration easy and even fun. Initially released by Fog Creek at a TechCrunch event in 2011 it was bought in 2017 by Atlassian for $425 million. Trello is widely used for project management of various sizes. Some of these projects can include school bulletin boards, accounting, real estate management, web design, and even law office case management.

Functionality with Ease

Trello operates by using different boards that contain cards of work assignments. Through tracking these cards, the progress of the project’s various elements can be followed by all participants of the board. These cards are also an easy way to categorize different tasks into certain groups or sub-headings depending on the category which they fit into, for example, “To Do” or “Under Revision”. Another contributing factor towards Trello’s popularity is not only it’s the price, which will be discussed next, but also the fact that it is a relatively attractive medium to work with and can make job assignments and project management enjoyable.

Pricing Structures

Trello offers a free version that includes an unlimited amount of lists, cards, boards, members, attachments and more. 10MB is the maximum file size that can be attached from either Dropbox, Box, OneDrive or Google Drive. Alternatively, the Business plan can be purchased at a monthly fee of less than $10 which has all the features of the free version with additional integrations with Evernote, Bitbucket, Google Hangouts and files up to the size of 250MB can be attached. Users will also be able to restrict control over certain sections of their boards, have access to email support and can customize their backgrounds. The Enterprise plan is roughly $20 per month and has an additional two-factor authentication, comprehensive legal contract review capability, file encryption, intrusion detection, and security reviews.

Easy and Friendly

The set-up is simplified. Once you have started using Trello, it becomes the medium that you use to control your entire life. Planning is made so easy and it can be done so effectively that you won’t use any other medium likely again. Regardless of whether you need to plan your calendar or manage an entire team, Trello is your solution for trouble-free tracking and collaboration. Together and yet apart your entire team can be part of the progress of your project and seeing how all the different elements come together until mutual success is achieved.

Trello is available on various platforms including Mac, Windows and Web-based and can also be used on your smartphone supporting both Android and iPhone/iPad.