Using YouTube to Attract New Visitors

YouTube is an incredibly powerful marketing tool that allows you to communicate with your audience in a completely new way. Not only can you inform people about your products or services, but your visitors can decide to subscribe and follow you to find out more about what it is you do and how it can benefit them.

As we all know, videos are now everywhere, and everyone has their own channel, talking about everything from make up through to the latest information with NASA. Of course, there are millions of subjects in between, which might just be where your company, service, product or information can fall in.

The great thing is, having a YouTube channel is completely free and could even then you some money in show videos are effective enough to gain enough views. However, instead of focusing on the earning potential, we will look at YouTube as a way of gaining more business and leading viewers to your website.

Create Your Channel

Creating your channel might seem quick and easy, but if you want it to be most effective and provide the best possible search results, you would need to fill in as much information as you possibly can. YouTube caters to everyone, from individuals who want to talk about specific subjects through to companies who want to attract potential buyers to their products.

Therefore, fill in as many keywords and search phrases as you possibly can and ensure they are relevant to the information you will be providing on the channel. Add a company logo to the profile and ensure there are ways for viewers to communicate with you and also get to your website.

Creating the channel could take some time when you are doing it right, but this won’t only make it easier for people to find you and communicate, it will also boost your website’s standings on search engines.

Uploading Videos

Once again, this seems like a quick and easy process that simply requires you to upload the video and people will just find it. However, it is once again important to tell the search engine what the video is about. Sure, you can just add the product name, but it’s best to use a wide variety of keywords that relate to your products.

For example, if you are talking about apples, you won’t just make the keyword “apples”, but rather include “fruit”, “healthy”, “what are apples” and more. The number of keywords is simply endless and relate differently to the subject of your video.

Instead of trying to think of all the possible keywords, use programs that tell you what the most relevant keywords are and how often people search for a period. This will ensure that your video not only appears at the top of YouTube searches, but could be the most relevant for Google searches and other engines as well.