Vodafone Launches 5G in New Zealand

5G Telecommunications is quickly growing worldwide, increasing the capabilities of mobile technologies. The latest nation to receive its first iteration of 5G is New Zealand. Their most significant telecommunications provider, Vodafone, confirmed that they’ve begun providing 5G services in all major cities across the nation. This includes Wellington, Auckland, Queenstown, and Christchurch. Existing customers under the LTE Contract will receive the service at no additional cost.

The Chief Executive Officer for Vodafone New Zealand spoke to reporters on the new telecommunication service. He mentioned how this marks the beginning of a new era for mobile technology in New Zealand. Four out of five customers have had improved connectivity across Auckland and our major cities. Vodafone’s next goal it to roll this service out nationwide, allowing for connectivity in the country and small villages.

Vodafone is currently maintaining one hundred connectivity sites in Wellington, Queenstown, Auckland and Christchurch. However, those locations are planned to jump by 1400. However, the telecommunications subsidiary mentioned how this will take upwards of two years for nationwide coverage. Vodafone Consumers in New Zealand can upgrade their contracts to the 5G Plan without any cost until June 30th, 2020. Afterwards, it will cost $6.53 per month to maintain an agreement with Vodafone New Zealand.

How it Works

The Technology Director at Vodafone New Zealand, Tony Baird, was asked to explain how this technology is being rolled out nationwide. He noted how the telecommunications provider is operating 5G services through the 3.5Ghz Spectrum. Subsequently, this will bring speeds 10x faster than that of LTE. Tony than confirmed that one gigabyte of 5G data would require 100Mhz through the 3.5Ghz Spectrum. This is requiring extensive reworking of the telecommunication grid; which Vodafone and the Government have completed in a short period.

The Concerns

Some citizens in New Zealand are concerned with the prospect of nationwide 5G technology. It’s been reported numerous times that this technology on a massive scale could increase health problems on an extreme level. Exposure to the 3.5Ghz wavelength could cause increased cancer to New Zealand Citizens. However, this wavelength has been used throughout history for more than a hundred years. It’s the same wavelength used with Drones, Radios, Original Television Sets, and multiple other products. These concerns are unfounded and shouldn’t be taken seriously.