Waitrose Announces New Delivery Service

Consumers in the United Kingdom have faced unexpected challenges amid the COVID-19 pandemic, with corporations having to implement new services & features to assist customers through these struggling times. Since January 2020, multiple companies in the UK have introduced delivery services to sustain profit margins. The latest to follow this strategy is Waitrose & Partners, a supermarket chain that holds 5.1% market share.

Waitrose executives are looking to increase their market share & top rival brands like Tesco or Sainsbury. Growth will be sustained through their new partnership with Deliveroo, which is allowing for 500+ thousand customers to obtain “30-Minute Delivery” of their groceries. Availability for the Waitrose Delivery Service will be limited, with 500 products being supported. Consumers can select from thousands of options in their standard stores. The range of essentials includes Fruit, Meat, Vegetables, Milk, Cleaning Essentials, Snacks, and Ready-to-Made Meals.

Availability becomes more limited when learning that four Waitrose locations are being supported at launch. Waitrose & Partners maintains 338 supermarkets throughout the United Kingdom, and 65 “Little Waitrose” convenience stores. Excluding a substantial portion of the market will likely see the Waitrose-Deliveroo Service fail by January 2021. The launch date was September 1st at the Notting Hill Gate Waitrose in London, Bristol Clifton Waitrose Supermarket, Bracknell Waitrose, and Surbiton/Fitzroy Cambridge Street Waitrose.

Consumers opting for this service on September 1st to 31st will receive a 12-Week Trial. Depending on how consumers receive the trial period of three months at these four Waitrose locations, executives will permit the service rolls-out nationwide in the United Kingdom.

ED James Bailey

The Executive Director of Waitrose, James Bailey, announced the limited delivery service. He evoked that under the right conditions of expansion, Waitrose consumers will receive shopping convenience that isn’t possible elsewhere in Great Britain. James noted that partnering with Deliveroo has expanded their potential to gain new customers & expose existing to an updated platform. Executive Director Bailey believes that the flexibility associated with this shopping experience will extend its market share by 3.5%. His statements ended by confirming that Waitrose is ending their 18-Year partnership with Ocado to sign with Deliveroo.