WatchOS7 Unveiled by Apple

The Apple Company provided its loyal consumers with an updated outlook into their 2020-21 software updates. The Worldwide Developers Keynote Conference – 2020 Edition, unfolded over June 22nd. Fans of Apple products were shown the 14th edition of iOS for the iPhone and iPad, with notable features being introduced. Widgets similar to Android are being added & enhancements to the grouped applications feature are coming.

What excited fans more than these minor feature upgrades was an announcement on WatchOS7. Features that’ve been requested by Apple enthusiasts from the beginning of Apple Watches have finally been added after seven software generations. This included an updated version of the Apple Activity App, which has been rebranded to “Apple Fitness”. The more compelling feature added to WatchOS7 is Sleep Tracking, allowing consumers to determine how many hours they’re obtaining while resting for the night. Detailed accounts on their sleep cycle are provided, showing users when they slept deeply & when they were almost awake.

Sleep tracking has been supported with Android Watches since their first software iteration. It’s been requested by Apple Loyalists because medical physicians & experts can better determine what’s needed for their patient to recover from sleep-related problems. It also informs Apple Watch owners when Sleep Apnea is possibility inflicting their nightly routine. Tim Cook is infamous for not listening to requests from consumers, often taking years to implement outdated features. WWDC2020 was an example that Tim Cook hasn’t changed his mindset, as all features introduced for their 2020-21 software lineup have been available for 10+ years with Android.

Sleep Soundly with Apple

Another feature praised by Apple supporters is the “Wind Down Mode”, which works similarly to “Do Not Disturb”. Notifications will be terminated while Apple users sleep, meditation sounds curated by the Apple Music Team will begin to play for two hours & the Apple Watch will focus on calming users into deep periods of sleep. Once the watch recognizes that owners have fallen asleep, tracking of their sleeping patterns will immediately begin. It should be mentioned that maintaining this feature throughout an entire night requires a full battery. This creates significant limitations in how the “Wind Down Mode” can be approached.