What is RankBrain from Google?

RankBrain is not a new online tool, it has been read by over 17K and 3.3K have shared it, and RankBrain by Google have been available online since 2015, although it was only introduced worldwide in October 2015.

Google’s RankBrain Described in 2015 Article

It was the Bloomberg news story that introduced all online users to the brand-new product at the time, RankBrain is a tool that utilises artificial intelligence to embed massive amount of written content into mathematical entities, these are called vectors, which can be understood by the computer. Once RankBrain identifies a phrase or word it is not familiar with, it makes a guess as to what the phrase or word might mean and filter it accordingly, which makes it a lot more effective in handling never-seen-before search queries.

Google Only Uses RankBrain

It is Google’s third most important ranking tool after links and content, RankBrain is no entirely a ranking signal it is more a method of processing queries and searched in a way that it sees best. Around 15% of all Google searches are new on a daily basis, which means 15% of the searches are unique, and no-one else has searched the words or phrases before. So, in reality, RankBrain is Google’s processing algorithm that utilises machine education to sort the best matches for searches. While it at first only handled around 15% of searches, it now is involved in all queries entered via Google.

RankBrain Influencing Query Results

Google’s RankBrain impacts search in all countries and languages and when it is most active is when an unknown or unique query is received. RankBrain utilises a series of databases based on things, places, or people, where words are broken up into vectors to find an address. Once Google comes to process the unknown word or phrase it uses mathematically mapped out associations in order to assume the best match or fit. Over a bit of time, the results are refined according to interaction.

Search engine discarded words such as “the” & “and” are not in the analysis or RankBrain since it is in place to understand searches better. It is used by Google to convert content into word sectors. Optimising is easy when it comes to RankBrain and all you need is to write in natural language, the content must sound human, as writing like a machine is bound to confuse it. RankBrain is hugely beneficial in unique cases, however if you want to optimize your site to cater for unique words it would be a lengthy process, the program is in place to offer better search results, so if you trying to optimize for it, it would be nothing less than aiming to hit an ever-moving target. What you can do to increase traffic is to write great content that sounds natural.