Why Mobile Sites are More Important than Apps

As a business, the most important thing is to get your name out there and for your clients to find you easily. We have seen so many businesses start up and directly head to the developers to have an app created, which is great since it provides the user with a better range of features and it simply offers much better access to everything you want to put on the app.

However, just the cause you have an app, it does not mean you do not need a website that is compatible with both computer and mobile devices. In fact, for your clients to find you and discover your app, the web site would be the most important along with your social media platforms and other forms of marketing.

It is actually better to start with the mobile-friendly website as you are able to build your client base and generate visitors on a regular basis. Once you have in our visitors, marketing your app would be a lot easier, especially if you use the nonfiction method that tells your mobile users that the website is available as an app on their smart devices.

Normal Website vs. HTML5

Without getting too technical, there are some major differences between a normal PC website and one that uses HTML5 functionality to provide a better mobile experience.

Many of you might have gone on to a website with your mobile device only to find that the PC-based website has loaded. Not only can’t you see what’s on the screen since all the writing is way too small, it is near impossible to press a button as touch screens and PCs work completely differently when it comes to interacting with websites.

An HTML5 website is available on PC and will appear exactly the same as the standard computer website, but the big difference is with mobile. These HTML5 sites automatically pick up the device the person is using to connect to your website and will adjust the entire site to suit their device best. This means everything from the content through to special buttons for mobile users are available, making the entire experience a lot smoother.

It does take a bit of additional development time as canned limits some pages for PC users only, and you need to rearrange the mobile interface for when people connect with a smartphone or tablet.


There is no doubt, search engines such as Google on now favouring websites that are optimised for mobile users. In 2015, the number of mobile users had finally exceeded the amount of PC-based website users. This means the majority of people worldwide are now using their mobile device to connect to the Internet and get the information they need.

If you have a PC only website, you might have recently found that your ratings have dropped and the number of visitors has decreased drastically. This is simply because mobile users are unable to use your website they way they want to and find it difficult to interface with the options on offer.