Why the Wix Website Builder is the Best

Website builders have now become the way to go for those wanting to create their websites. There are so many platforms to choose from, and each of them has their benefits. So, how do you choose the right platform to build your website and get the best results?

The best place to start is with a website builder that lets you do it for free. This gives you the time to work out what the possibilities are and the impressive features you can get from these builders. You also want a platform that can do everything from page SEO setup through to hosting your website without costing you a considerable amount.

Most of the professional website builders require a fee before you can even access any of the building options and features. Therefore, we recommend getting started with Wix, which is one of the biggest and most popular platforms. Not only can you create multiple websites for free, but they also include hosting options for all levels. Wix is ideal for everything from blogging sites through to a large online store that does it all for you.

Over the years, many third-party app developers have come up with new features for Wix websites. These allow you to do even more by including new features that make the website experience even better for your visitors.

The Builder

Wix makes it easy to create a website exactly the way you want it. There are so many features and balding options that help you get the exact effect and layout.

The entire builder is based in your browser, meaning you don’t need to download any software to start and it’s 100% free to build the whole site. You would only pay once you want to connect your website to a domain, in which case they can provide the domain and even get your site up and running in no time. They do it all, including the Google logs you need to do to get your website to appear on the search engine.

The builder is impressive and easy to use as you drag and drop everything from text to HTML5 blocks that you can link up with codes and additional features. Every page has its setup as well, making it possible to get the best results and create a site that appears at the top of search engines.

It also comes with a mobile editor, meaning your website will be mobile ready for all your visitors. The entire platform uses HTML5 software, giving mobile users a fantastic experience, much like you’d get in an app. The mobile editor gives you the ability to add and remove certain features from the mobile platform and even adjust menu buttons and features for an even better smartphone and tablet experience.