Why You Must Keep Your Website Fresh

You have either spent money on hiring a website builder or invested a large chunk of your time in creating it yourself. You have researched what needs to be included, what marketing tools are best to use, and how to use the site to your business’s best advantage. Your website is the face of your business. It needs to be refreshed regularly and the reasons why are stretching much further than just being visually appealing.

Visual Appeal and Much More

A well-designed site which is organized and professional, where information and content are easily accessible, is always beneficial to your business. Content is king unless your content was dated months ago and your site is telling all visitors that you haven’t refreshed anything for quite a while. The reflection it leaves is that you are stagnant. Updating your content regularly shows involvement in the business, being on the edge of development in your field and that you are a dynamic business to deal with.

Testing Different Methods

Part of marketing is trying out different approaches and measuring their effectivity. Your website is one of the places in your business where you can do this. If you stick to the same form and methods over a long period, you will never know whether you are using the most effective way to promote your business.

Fresh Content

Often visitors are on your site for the content that they get there. Refreshing the content regularly with well written and valuable information will bring them back more often. If they visit you regularly and always find the same material, their visits and also their interest will probably die a silent death.

Website Updates and SEO

Your biggest concern is to be found between the millions of other sources of information on the internet. When you don’t regularly update the content of your website, search engines will start to recognize your site as old. When sites are continuously updated, search engines will see them as fresh and providing relevant content for user searches, listing your webpage higher up on the list delivered for a search.

It Affects Your Bounce Rate

A bounce rate as the number of times that visitors to your site leaves without going to a second page or using a call of the action button. Bounce rates go up when the first content which visitors are faced with is old, outdated and irrelevant. Ideally, you want to keep the bounce rate low, by grasping a visitor’s attention and keep them looking for more and of course, returning again and again.

Getting Hacked

The less action and updates on a site, the easier it gets classified as an old site and the more likely it becomes to be hacked. Older sites are also relying on older technology for security, and that gives modern hackers easy access. Update regularly, not just for content but also for safety. Your website is in the position of promoting your business. Therefore, the time and effort it requires to do the job effectively.