Wix Mobile Websites

Wix is a well-known website builder that provides an easy to use interface where even beginners can create stunning websites. It has become a popular choice among everyone who wants a web site, including bloggers through to online store owners.

The website builder features a simple drag/drop feature that eliminates all the needs for coding as it’s done in the background for you. All you have to do is pick and choose the features you want and create the website of your dreams.

Since Wix used HTML5 software, it means your website would already be mobile compatible and include all the features you want. It even comes with a portable editing option that gives you the ability to add and remove elements from the mobile platform while also moving things around to provide a better experience.

Mobile Site Like an App

Wix offers a fantastic website builder that automatically includes the mobile section. However, if you develop your entire web sites for PC, you might find the mobile part to be a bit confusing and next up. This is the cause the website builder automatically includes most of the features your PC site offers, but since the screen sizes and layouts are different, you’ll find the mobile platform needs a bit of editing.

Luckily, the mobile editing section is even easier to use than the website builder as you can click on items to drag them around and get them in the right place for mobile users. It also includes different menu buttons, and you can change the way things appear on mobile without changing the layout of your PC-based website.

It also makes it possible to hide certain features on the mobile platform, which could include things such as pictures appearing in the background. Sometimes specific images don’t work as well on the mobile site as it does on PC. Therefore, the option to hide certain things make it a lot easier to get the mobile platform in order.

Wix also makes it possible to make your mobile website just as an app. You can prompt users to add the site to their homepage, which creates an app logo on their phones that takes them directly to the mobile website. This app logo can be set to feature your website logo, but you would need to fix this in the mobile settings of the website.

Making the Mobile Faster

One of the common problems with the Wix mobile website is speed. Many tend to use HD quality pictures on their PC site, which is excellent, but on mobile devices, you don’t see quite as high quality as the display is smaller.

The best way to increase the speed would be to either use smaller images in the background and on the pages itself or to remove the ones that don’t have to be there. This drastically increase is the loading speed, offering a better experience for users and gaining a higher rating on search engines.